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    That's okay Mic, you might discover something doing that! However, I shouldn't encourage you too much as the mad scientist guys diskapear fairly quickly and I really want to see if @RickBeer is going to A. Send you a long range shock collar for Xmas B. Make a Mic Todd doll that he can hang from the rafters of his brew cave and thwack with the dough in paddle every time you mention adding sugar adjuncts to your recipes. Just kidding in fun here after a few brews on a rainy evening.
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    ^^^THIS^^^ Back in January my local homebrew club conducted an experiment to demonstrate to sceptical members how variables affect brewing. 20 people took the same pale ale wort, used the same hops and hop schedule and fermented 5 gallon batches within a 2 degree temperature variation. The biggest variable was yeast selection. 10 different yeasts were pitched. In summary, there were 20 different beers. In side by side comparison of two beers with the same yeast the beers were different. You need to know your methods will affect your beer. You need to know how individual ingredients brewed with your methods affect your beer. IMHO, the variables are what make this hobby fascinating.
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    I think he might be using pins in that Mic doll of his (as we write) instead of a paddle. But not to worry, I don't think I'll be going anywhere soon. Unless one of my experiments prove fatal. 🙂
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    Of course....jerky goes pretty good with beer, too.....lol
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    Not sure what I'm gonna do with it. It might be better used if I make a brine and marinate jerky with it instead.
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    Depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Most people dry hop at warmer temps to get fruity aroma. Dry hopping while cold will give a more grassy aroma which most people are not going for. Plus hops have sugars which will cause a mini fermentation. Better to dry hop warm.
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    Instead of fermenting for 21 days, cut it to 18. That will give you 3 more days conditioning.
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    I remember when my wife recently asked about the random bottle of cheap vodka in my brewery. I dont drink liquor so i think she thought i had gone off the deep end. Then i told her it was for making tinctures. Which was met with head shakes and rolling eyes
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