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    If MRB hadn't made things so easy (to get started) I doubt I'd been starting myself. I happen to live in a state where Craft Brewing should probably be made the State Industry. Very blessed with a plethora of small, craft brewers in just about any town big enough to have a jail and a post office. I owe MRB a lot and am in sync with you on your sentiments. Here, here....
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    ok, time for my 2 cents worth (cause I'm broke and I ain't got more). Mr. Beer is how I started brewing. Point blank, if you can make soup, you can brew their beer. Don't like it, then you didn't do something right. Brewing beer takes time and patience. You have to learn the "art" of cleaning, sanitizing, waiting for fermentation, waiting for carbonation, waiting for conditioning. Home brew isn't quick, but Mr. Beer's kits and recipes make it very easy to get started, and make nice tasting beers. From here you can grow further, and from here you can help others start in the hobby. Want a cheese burger, go to McDonalds, or grill it yourself. Want a nice sit-down meal, go to a restaurant, or make it yourself. Want a nice beer, go to the store and buy it, or brew it yourself. "Yourself", means you can make something creatively, learn how to do it, and do better/different next time. Or else, go to the gas station and buy some over-produced American lager, and drive through McDonalds for supper on the way home. This is a great place to get started, and learn the art of the science.....or the science of the art. If an all-grain home brewer snuff their nose at you, fine. Your are having fun brewing, learning and sharing. And if you want, you can expand. I'm almost ready for all-grain, and about ready to start studying to be a ciceron. All because of Mr. Beer...…….And Cooper's. Cheers
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    i use them just like pellets.after the boil i run the wort through a fine mesh strainer to aerate and grab hops and break matter. use a little more leaf than you would pellet. as for whole cones i imagine you would also use a little more. pellets are concentrated goodness. for a mr beer kit, buy a lb of dme or lme . lme is easier to deal with. do a small short boil of lme , water and hops like about 8-10 minutes if you want to add some hop goodness without adding tons of bitter. or when your wort is in the lbk you can toss a handful or two of hop cones in a sanitized hop sack and tie it. then drop that into the lbk to dry hop.
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    Beer has 4 components - grain, hops, yeast, water. You can vary any of them, many ways, and get many results. The more you change at once, the less you understand about why you got what you got, and your ability to recreate it in the future. I'd recommend you restrict your yeast choices unless there is a strong reason to change, instead focusing on the difference in different steeping grains, and different hops. For example, make several batches of one refill, say CAL, and use different hops to dry hop. Teaches you in a neutral beer what differences those hops make. Or, make a batch using a packet of light LME vs. a packet of robust LME. See if you can tell the difference in a blind test. See if you can taste the flavors you get. Learn how to properly evaluate a beer. I've been brewing for over 6 years. Here is the extensive list of yeast that I have used in that time: - Original (pre-Cooper's) Mr. Beer Yeast - Cooper's Mr. Beer Yeast - S-05 - S-04 - Nottingham - Windsor - Whatever came with one can I bought of another HME - A lager yeast for the one batch of lager I made Here is a list of the different water treatments I have tried: - My well water I know I've harped on this theme, and I'll continue to, because I think it's the best way for someone to learn, and I try to learn in everything I do.
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    Mic Todd, So based on this skateboard analogy that you have spelled out it sounds as if it is a waste of time to give you any advice because you are just going to do what you want to anyway. I can respect that but I will also probably not be giving any advice to your questions since you are going to only listen to it if you think it is the right thing to do. Remember, those of us that help out a lot on this forum have made the mistakes, researched the hobby and or spent countless hours learning about the hobby from others. I have listened to hundreds of hours of podcasts and brewed nearly 100 batches of beer and mead. I have won many medals in beer competitions and am now also a BJCP beer judge. I don't brew Mr. Beer batches any longer, in fact I have converted to All Grain brewing. But I still take time on this forum to assist others who are just getting started in this hobby. I have seen countless post from users on this forum that have asked for advice and not taken it or have gone all mad scientist with their brewing. I have also seen many of them disappear from this forum. Maybe they just moved on or more likely they quit the hobby. So when @RickBeeror any of us who have been here for a period of time give advice that you may not like. Understand that we are trying to keep you form the members who have disappeared from the hobby. There is nothing personal in what some think are attacks. Dawg
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    My two cents: as I navigate throughout this hobby and talk to people about beer and brewing, I find that some newbies don't know the difference between head retention and carbonation. We know that extract brewing makes head retention wane and add Carapils to boost it. The bubbles in the beer make it a carbonated beverage.
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    I don't know...no one wants their Stout to be darker. Just sayin'
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    Beersmith is the only software that I use. With the new upgrade to Beersmith 3, I don't even have to use my old water spreadsheet for water additions. In addition to hundreds of all grain recipes, Beersmith also has hundreds of extract and partial mash recipes. Very good resource for brewers, worth every penny in my opinion.
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