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    lol Seriously? Is there anything that can't be brewed into a beer? I luv it! All I lack is the lactose sugar. And the Lucky Charms. I....am....so....tempted to try this; if for no other reason than to see the look on my wife's face when I do it!!!
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    Busted... Churchill's Tropical Stout Churchills Nut Brown Ale Maris Otter Dark Munich Simpsons Roasted Malt Crisp Chocolate Malt Cacao nibs Flaked barley + flaked oats English Progress hops Fuggle hops Mangrove Jack's UK Dark Ale M03 And who doesn't want to see the only known photo of Winston in a bathing suit?
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    re expired malt being crap... yeah.. but if it didnt have any signs of bulging can or crap floating in it... i'd use fresh yeast and make it anyway. crap flavors can be masked. did i mention i was a cheap bstrd? i just racked a hobo wine off the yeast bed today. yes i even complicate hobo wine ... lol. wow. i think i may have hit about 15% abv (didnt take any grav but man... what a buzz) from my sample. tastes ok too so .. winning! i had about a half gallon left that wouldnt fit in my glass carboy so i am trying freeze 'distillation' / concentration to see what happens. i'm using the spent blueberries i tossed in to ferment with it in a topping for icecream. boil and reduce.. sweeten.. tada. next in line for brewing is an applejack... if this freeze thing works, i'll try it with the applejack too.
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    Hold on! What's this Churchills Tropical Stout that you've slipped in?
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    I believe that some of the extract "Twang" and off flavors has to do with the fermenting temperature (often too high) and short conditioning time. Lately, all my beers are extract with a little extra malt and perhaps hops added, and they have been very good. Perhaps my taste buds are not so refined.
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    What is the best recipe that is closest to Miller Lite?
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    Water. Sorry, but if I didn't say it, a dozen other's here would. And Miller Lite is my go-to beer when I just want a good buzz Miller Lite is a lager, which would take extra equipment for a brewer, such as temperature control device and a dedicated fridge. You'd have to at least start with the CAL HME, and step some light grains, then ferment with a lager yeast. I have strong feelings that it isn't possible to make a Miller Lite with what Mr. Beer sells online.
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    i did 4 oz each or 8 total. hope it works out!
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    Jdub: 4 oz total (2 oz Carapils & 2 oz Crystal 60) OR 8 oz total (4 oz Carapils & 4 oz Crystal 60) Thanks
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    But 'Swamp Water' has that certain pizazz to it...I'd order it! (together we could drain the swamp water)
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    Different strokes for different folks. A beer one would call Swamp Water, another would call a fine brew.
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    When I empty a 740 ml PET bottle I immediately put a drop of dish soap in it, fill 2/3with warm water, agitate the hell out it, repeat twice with no soap. Dry upside down. Sanitize before use. I use clear plastic 20 oz soda bottles as trub bottles. I carb/condition and store them in a dark cupboard in the basement until such time I sample them.
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    @Stevo0083, welcome back to the obsession.
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