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    I have a friend that does 1 bbl Biab. Had a bag made especially for it. Uses pullys and hoists to lift the bag.
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    I'm not seeing a 2 bbl LBK setup.
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    Yeah, not sure I’d know many home brewers that would be willing to pay that to brew at home. Interesting though. Thanks for sharing that link. Edit: Intersting.... if this is accurate: “The average time to brew 2 batches of beer with this system is 3.5 - 4 hours +/- meaning that you can brew up to 12BBL of beer with the 300 gallon version in a single 7-8 hour brew day.” Edit2: this really has me thinking. REALLY has me thinking. The brain is churning. Edit3: @Creeps McLane, I just might be owing you many beers in the future!! #JustSayin
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    hoppy, stop wasting perfectly good vodka in coffee. you put rock and rye in coffee.. or seagrams. incidentally- discovered McCormick Distillery's 360 Vodka. cheap.. smooth... no headache. good stuff. i would rate it better than luksasova. as for sticker shock with mr b kit prices.. when you do the math for cost per gallon, yeah. it's not cheap... but when you consider that they have done most of the work for you.... i used my mr b days to build up skills enough to do 5 gallon kits (which are still not very economical).. and this lead to all grain. AG brewing once you gather all the equipment is dirt cheap. lots and lots of work.. but the savings are good.
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    It was me, I asked Cato, (or someone) the other day what BIAB meant (saw it in several posts). I got several answers. None of which were the correct ones. The joke was on me. I may be late, but I finally made the party. 🤩
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    making a starter tonight with wyeast czech pilsner. brewing a pils recipe this weekend. gonna lager it the right way.
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    And now we know (finally) what BIAB really means! lol In a bag? This had to be invented by a genius -
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    Well said! It's a winding road from extract, partial mash, and AG. I've followed it for learning but certainly have noticed the difference in price and volume output between grain and extract.
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    I went with bigger kettles. Not sure you can do a 1 bbl biab.
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    Damn, did your birth certificate come with an expiration date?!? Nice to have you back on the forum, Hoppy!
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    I’m really tired, but has this seriously been questioned or am I just missing something more than usual?
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    I have a response all typed up but I'm going to wait until 2027 to post it. 🤑
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    I’ll say $1.15 per lb of grain= $28.75 columbus hops were home grown so I’ll say they were free even though the time and labor certainly would argue that cascade hops were free, pays to go to events and what not golding hops I’ll say $5 $20 for a lb of mosaic comes out to $2.25 for this batch throw in $5 to cover water chemistry and whirlfloc yeast was approx $14 Grand total- $55 its a 10 gallon batch- 1280 $0.04296 per ounce, $0.52 per 12 oz pour. $3 for a sixer, $12 per case
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