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    Difference in new LBK is the spigot which also has a different size fitting hole ( :-/) but does come apart or cleaning ( 🙂 and the size of the top hole which makes cleaning easier. Mine though are also darker, making it very difficult to see the liquid levels - can't easily see liquid from outside or line from inside. Flashlight and tape markers help. I just (Sept) made a Diablo with the Mr B yeast. Good but I should have put some aroma hop in.
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    I tried my first bottle last night after chilling it for threes days. I know it was a few days early but I figured what the heck. I poured it into a glass slowly. There was no foam and I thought it was too early. I tasted it and it tasted pretty decent especially for a light beer. It had an amber color that looked similar to Sam Adams. It did seem carbonated perhaps a bit light on the carbonation so I will wait and try another bottle after I get back from my trip to the mountains. Overall I'm pretty pleased with my first batch.
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    Thanks @Nickfixit! Lol, I entered all my specs into the Brewers Friend calculator. That's a pretty neat software. My adjusted numbers show that where I started out to brew an American Pale recipe began morphing with the addition of some dark Munich and dark wheat (intentional on my part).Then, evidently morphed again because I double crushed my grains in an effort to improve my previously poor BIAB efficiency. Net result was I check all the boxes for the Strong Ale category and Old Ale as the specialty. Results show I can expect about 7.1% ABV and that I had a significant improvement to an 80% brewhouse efficiency. Ah, so goes it learning how and what to tweak in my brewing system. @Bonsai & Brew, I'm going to rename this pale to "Ye Olde Ale". Hell, maybe I should rename my brewery to "Afterthefact Brewery".
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    S-04 is a fickle yeast as are most English strains. Be sure to not let the wort cool below the current fermentation temperature or the yeast will drop out and go to sleep to early. I always allow my English strains to raise 1 degree per day during fermentation to ensure that it doesn't drop early.
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    The recipe builders can give indication of the yeast attenuation when you select the yeast. I found it interesting to see the variations on FG. But it will also affect residual sweetness. Look at the range, from a saison or champagne yeast at 90%, to ale yeasts at 70%. https://www.brewersfriend.com/homebrew/recipe/calculator The "Cry Havoc" liquid yeast gives pretty sweet/malty result and you can use it for ales and lagers too.
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    Funny thing. I brewed a black ipa last weekend. I wanted a nice sweetness to the finished product. Traditionally you would use a north west yeast strain, but i went with london ale III because i wanted some english fruity sweet flavors. Turns out, london III attenuates more than northwest ale yeast... SOB
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    that's what i think i will try, the teflon tape wrap. will test with water 1st!
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    Yeah, yeah, yeah... You're doing it wrong. Fixed...
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    Finished making Zombie Dust clone. When boil started it foamed up then subsided. Everything executed with surgical precision, with the exeption of one ice cube falling into wort. Put ice in kitchen sink to cool pot of wort. When adding more ice to sink one cube flipped into wort from bag. I think Cascade hops had a better aroma than Citra.
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    I still want clarification on this line. I must be doing something wrong because I don't get near that many bottles to the gallon. 😂😂😂
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    Oh how I wish the new spigots had that hose barb. Sliding the wand up in there on the new spigots leads to nothing but a mess.
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    Or sweeten it by adding sweetener to the glass and then pour the cider.
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