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    At a temperature in the low 40s fermentation either stopped or never started to begin with. Warm up the keg to 62 to 66 degrees and let it ferment for at least 2 weeks, probably 3 weeks.
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    While the name says "Lager", it isn't. It's crucial that a new brewer follow Mr. Beer's directions to learn the process. There are very, very few lager recipes on the Mr. Beer site.
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    Thanks @BDawg62, I was beginning to feel like I was alone on this ledge. LOL. Appreciate the comments from more experienced and knowledgeable brewers.
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    If you're using the Mr Beer Fromdownunda yeast under the cap, you're way too cold. That yeast is an ale yeast and needs to be in the low 60's. You may have put your yeast to sleep and need to warm them up to get fermentation going.
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    Although not biologically correct, think of your yeast as being bulimic. They eat and puke, especially if too warm. What they puke out is sometimes partia conversions which can still be converted. Doesn't take much to give off flavors and the alcohol addition is minimal.
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    Got up to 23 cases peak. All mine though!
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    They do a New Year's sale every year. It's already started: 19% off pretty much everything.
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    In case this is useful to anyone, https://vinepair.com/articles/flavors-aromas-craft-beer-hops-ipa/
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    If you use brewing software check it. Some of them will do the temperature conversion for you.
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