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    No, "Should I sanitize it?" is a silly question. "What's the easiest way to sanitize it?" is not.
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    Your beer won't be ruined it will just be different than the recipe. Big whoop dee doo. Chalk it up as a learning experience. Who knows, when you make that recipe again using the correct yeast, you might decide you preferred your mistake brew better.
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    I still do the taste test before bottling. If it is flat and not sweet, it's ready. If it's still a little fizzy or sweet, it's not ready.
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    the 3/2/2 is just a guide.. not a rule. (3 week ferment, 2 week carb, 2 week condition). . . can you check your final gravity? if so anything close to 1.01 is usually done. (slightly higher if you used lactose in the beer as it is not fermentable sugar). the reason the 3 week suggested time came about is because many new brewers dont have a hydrometer. 3 weeks at the right temp is usually more than enough time for the yeast to get it done without the risk of bottle bombs.
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    Maryann was hot.....just saying
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    Is that a technical brewing phrase? Lol 😂
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    It's not the money, that's not why I do it. It's the throne, as well as the honorary title that Mr. Beer gave me, Grand Poobah. There is nothing like walking down the street and having some young person run up to you and say "are you really the Grand Poobah?". I usually respond "yes young man, yes I am." Then I go home and sit on the throne (no, not that throne, the other one). I'd recommend in future posts that the OP keep related questions together.
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    That would absolutely be fine. I’m sure people would recommend cold crashing for a day or two. really though, day 23 would be fine too. You could cold crash on your day 19, then bottle day 23. Which would also be perfectly acceptable what temp have you been fermenting at? If it was 60, then you may have problems. If it was at 65 you should be fine. Before you bottle your first batch, make sure you read up on how to prime your bottles. Don’t go off the mr beer recommendations otherwise you’ll have over carbed beer.
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    Leave them alone. What's done is done. Mixing will aerate them, ruining them further. And you have no way to know what's carbonated and what's not. You didn't use the StarSan properly. It doesn't get rinsed (as you suggested you might do). You put it in the bottles, dump it out, IGNORING THE FOAM. Then you fill, letting the foam pour out of the bottle as the liquid fills them. You fill the bottles just like with any other sanitizer. There is a saying with StarSan - don't fear the foam. You learned a value lesson. Follow a procedure. Sanitize all bottles, then put in the carbonation drops in all bottles, then fill all bottles.
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    It's still good. The final product will be darker than would a batch made with "fresher" HME. You'll want to get new yeast, though. From the MRB folks:
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    Thanks, pretty obvious answer to what seems in hindsight to be a pretty silly question.
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    Zombie Lust. I've not had the 3 Floyd's Zombie Dust, and Total Wine doesn't have it but looking at clone grist and hops, it fits a brew I can drink. I used a gift card to order some extra 2 row and 8 oz of Citra, everything else I have on hand. I noticed some people either use S-04 or S-05 for their dry yeast. I'm thinking S-05 would make for a crisper finish, which might pair well with all that load of Citra.
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    MRB's come a long way during your hiatus. They have some damned tasty recipes, especially some of the partial mash ones.
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    @Randygto67, welcome back. Everything you know is probably 95% unchanged. The extracts and Coopers yeast Fromdownunder are improvements. The customer support and MrBeer participation in the forums are improvements. The brewing instructions have been an ongoing discussion probably from when you left so many years ago. "Yes, it will make beer", is about as correct as those instructions go. For good beer, the rules of thumb remain unchanged. 3 weeks in the fermenter (preferably at the low end of the yeast's temperature range). 4 weeks at room temperature in the bottle.
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    Proper temperature control (mainly during those critical first few days of fermentation) is probably the single biggest factor that improved the quality of my beers. Here's a good thread on temperature control. I used the cooler/ice bottle method for a while until I realized this hobby had me hooked. Now I use the temperature-controlled mini fridge for fermenting. Oh, and welcome to the hobby, @CANbeernewbie!
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    Well, first, you've got the thermometer in the wrong space. You're measuring the temperature of the plastic shelf, when you should be measuring the temperature of the beer... The thermometer should be stuck on the LBK, below the fluid line. 19 days should be fine. It should taste like beer, not sweet. You'll want to prop it up in the frig with a CD/DVD case or two during the 3 day cold crash. And when you go to bottle, you need to sanitize the spigot before you bottle, because that sample you got contaminated it. Fill a shot glass with sanitizer and dunk the spigot in it.
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    Very easily. From my experience all it took was trying that first batch (looking back it was terrible, temp issue I think, but I made it). Then I stepped up to 3 LBKs and got a pipeline started. Within 5 months of my 1st batch I was on to All Grain doing 3 gallon batches, then it went to 5, to 10, to 15 and eventually to 35 gallon batches and well, now, in 2018 we sold 20 BBLs (620 gallons) of Manfish beer. Yes, “obsession” is right.
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    This! My first time using a bottling wand was very frustrating...until I learned to insert it all the way, then just pull it out a little (Giggity). It worked like a charm after that. And welcome down the slippery slope.
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    I perv mine all the time. It's mine, I can look at it all I want! 😜 😊
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    Love to see those yeast doing their thing. But be careful admitting to perving your beer. You will get yelled at by @RickBeer 🤣🤣🤣
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    MaryAnn for sure, I always thought you would catch something from Ginger you wouldn't be able to get rid of. Came across other brewers on different sites who use US04 as their go to yeast. When would you use US04 over US05 ??
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