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    Is that a technical brewing phrase? Lol 😂
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    If it isn't, it outta be.
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    Your beer won't be ruined it will just be different than the recipe. Big whoop dee doo. Chalk it up as a learning experience. Who knows, when you make that recipe again using the correct yeast, you might decide you preferred your mistake brew better.
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    It's not the money, that's not why I do it. It's the throne, as well as the honorary title that Mr. Beer gave me, Grand Poobah. There is nothing like walking down the street and having some young person run up to you and say "are you really the Grand Poobah?". I usually respond "yes young man, yes I am." Then I go home and sit on the throne (no, not that throne, the other one). I'd recommend in future posts that the OP keep related questions together.
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    As @RickBeer said you need to look at the recipe and see how the flavors are getting into the beer. You could use the St. Patrick's Stout but you would need to be able to get the graham cracker flavor into it and a mash is the only way I see doing that. Also, true chocolate flavor is not easily achieved, I have done it in a Mead with Dutched Cocoa Powder but not in a beer. The bakers chocolate may work but you would need a boil to use it and I would be afraid of the fat from the cocoa butter. If I were doing this recipe I would try Cocoa Nibs in secondary to achieve the chocolate flavor rather than the bakers chocolate. You could add the marshmallow flavor using the vodka without an issue. Also, if you look at the recipe there is a good amount of Lactose in the grain bill. Lactose is not fermentable by yeast so it leaves a sweetness that you would also want in this beer. You could try this but there would be no guarantees it would work. Mash 8oz of 2 Row malt with 8 oz of crushed Graham Crackers at 150 degrees for 30 minutes in 2 qts of water. Strain off resulting wort and add water to achieve 1.5 qt of wort. Add 6 oz of lactose and boil for 15 minutes or until you have 1 qt of wort remaining. Remove from heat and add your St. Patricks Stout HME and ferment as usual. After 2 weeks transfer to another LBK and add 4oz of crushed Cocoa nibs and 2 oz of marshmallow vodka. Note: soak 1 vanilla bean in the 2 oz of marshmallow vodka at beginning of fermentation Let sit in secondary for at least 1 week, 10 days may be better. Bottle and condition as usual
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    https://www.brewersfriend.com/homebrew/recipe/view/402532/s-mores-stout It is an all grain recipe.
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    From the album: Brews

    Love drinking beer out of a football. This is the basic St. Patrick's Stout recipe.
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    Maryann was hot.....just saying
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    That's why we pay him the big bucks
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    You explained in another thread that your cans say "best by May 2017". So while the cans are fine, the hops, which haven't been refrigerated, are perhaps not fine. If the cans are dated best by May 2017, then your kit is 2 or 3 years old I would expect. If that's the case, I wouldn't use the hops. You might open them and take a deep inhale. If they smell cheesy, toss them. Even if they don't, I suspect you won't nice much aroma after letting them air out for a few minutes. In that case, toss them again. You can make the recipe fine without them, they are just adding a dash of aroma.
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    That looks like the recipe fot the Powerful Patriot Ale https://www.mrbeer.com/powerful-patriot-ale-recipe
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    Use US-04 when you want to leave your beer a little sweeter and more full bodied. It will not attenuate quite as much as 05 will. Definately MaryAnn, Ginger was too high maintenance for me.
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    MaryAnn for sure, I always thought you would catch something from Ginger you wouldn't be able to get rid of. Came across other brewers on different sites who use US04 as their go to yeast. When would you use US04 over US05 ??
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    Okay guys, gonna share a recipe I made. Turned out very good if I must say so myself. Partial mash using BAA. I did 5 gallons. Here is the recipe for a 2.5 gallon batch: 300g pale malt 125g 60L crystal 125g 20L crystal 250g flaked oats 80g roasted barley 30g black patent 30g chocolate malt 60g light chocolate malt 125g wheat malt mash 156deg F/60 min. 0.5oz Columbus@60min 0.5oz cascade@30 min add Bewitched hme with 10 min left in boil 0.5 oz cascade at flameout ferment with MrB ale yeast Turned out very well balanced and tasty. Aged two months it is creamy with a clean hop finish. Just enough roasty character. A very robust brown ale if not a porter. Cheers! g
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