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    This morning I kegged my 11th batch, another (3rd) re-run of my 2nd experiment from back in October. The secret ingredients' for my 3rd go-round of 'Sweet 'Lil Holga' in the photo. One # Pilsner DME, one full cup Agave nectar, one can extract and 1/2 packet US-05. Finally ran out of extract - time to get more. Last night we enjoyed the last of my 4th batch, 'Squirrely Dog', around a fire-ring (below). Weather's been tolerable here at around 42-46F at night. Beats Chicago!
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    some old hops just smell like cheese. i would not think that it would impart off flavors to the beer.
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    Golden Empire and Thunder Bay are two of my favorites. For non-pm, I enjoy Long Play. It's a bitter one, though.
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    ive a Libby's craft beer glass set of glasses. very nice. . and a pint mug i got as a promotion. . . but i'm no snob. ill drink beer from plastic cups, boots, styrofoam... whatever.
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