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    Jdub, thank you very much, my brewing hobby is renewed. Best beer I've made to date by far, and experiencing citra hops to the max. Below is your shared Zombie clone recipe.
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    Two more in the making, 1) Conditioning another zombie clone recipe that uses different malts, 2) Using that same recipe, with Nottingham yeast instead. SWMBO liked it, but too high in ABV, and too hoppy. If more water is added to pass the 2 gallon mark on the "Mr Beer LBK" it might be a Zombie Light she will like. If SWMBO likes it, and commend her on the beer modifications, it might be sky's the limit on new brewing equipment. Once she mowed the back yard years ago, and was commended on how sexy & shapely her legs were getting from mowing the lawn. She laughed, said it was only to get her to mow the back, shes mowed it ever since. I still mow the front yard, but now with a really good mower.
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    I guess that means your legs are not so shapely?
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    I have left mine on the bottle but always remove before using a replacement cap. I have reused caps many times. They lose elasticity in the seal after a bit but I will change them if I seem to be getting leak in the carbonation phase (if the bottle is low compared to rest of batch after a week or so). I replace the cap and throw an additional sugar dot in. But generally I think more than 6 times. I can tell by the build up of the labels on the cap. Probably should sterilize the cap too but I am lazy and lucky - no distinctly different bottles in the batch. Note if you drink soda or know anyone that does, the screw caps also fit the Mr Beer PET bottles. Save them, so you can reuse those too (and no annoying rings - 😁).
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    I like the plastic bottles, but the caps can be problematic. As NicKfixit suggested, the caps may have deformed and leaked. Get new caps. I observed, that at room temperature, the caps on fully carbonated, PET bottles have a very slight convex shape. Once cooled in the fridge they are flat, supporting the idea of a slight deformation. I can't get a good photograph of side by side comparison, but both my sons confirm that it is not an illusion. Anyway, most seem to last about 4 uses, then are shot. I need to order a bunch as I'm past that. BTW Nick - that math hurts my brain - I need a beer.
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    All it takes is that one success and you know its there and its repeatable if you keep good notes and or a log of your recipes and procedures!! Congrats on your brew! Some will always be more successful or in your wheelhouse than others, but the nice thing is to have a few favs that you can keep in the stable for those batches that you thought would be fun to try but you find your hand going elsewhere in the fridge reaching for a beer. Lol, I give them a grade comment type of thing in my last Excel column for each beer. Most are good and a few great, but I have some that were meh, or just okay. Still fun to try different styles but to keep something fav in the rotation.
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    Rick, does this mean that beer will continue to carbonate as long as it remains in storage after the carbonation phase, until all sugars are eaten?
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    Hmm, good point, I better start mowing the back yard also ! On second thought, to help my chicken legs out, I'll ask my neighbors if they don't mind I mow their lawns.
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    Where is the shared recipe? Looks great
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    i use a hop spider during the boil. this retains a ton of the hop sludge. other batches, i don't worry about it. just pour it all into the fermenter and it goes to the bottom during the cold crash i think.
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    This is assuming ideal carbonation. I am not always that good/consistent in result, so my pouring style starts on the side of the glass and migrates to center depending upon foam accumulation. Also maybe some differences pouring from the PET rather than 12 oz. glass, in1st or 2nd glass from them. The carbonation will be different in each pour.
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    it erupted in my glass
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    Very fortunate, with my beers the bottle would have erupted all over the place if I did that
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    Thinking (erroneously) that the beer I made didn't have much carbonation after pouring the first glass (740 ml mrb bottle) I decided to give the bottle ONE, Single, mildly firm up & down shake with the cap back on. I waited a moment, twisted off the cap and began to pour. Zingo! 3/4+ glass of foam, and I was pouring it correctly! It did settle down at last, but I still had a thick head of foam about an 1" thick. Ahhh ----- I can sure be stupid now and then.
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    good job doc....keep it going!
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    Looks Good! Welcome to the world's greatest hobby!
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    Nice Job! Beers will improve, most definitely.
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