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    You're looking at this all wrong. Figure out what she likes. Make her a whole batch. "Honey, I made this JUST FOR YOU". Then make a crapload of other beers that she hates. "But honey, you have YOUR BEER, which is MUCH BETTER than these beers." Of the dozen or so beers I make, my wife likes 4 or 5 of them. More for me!
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    Years ago, the city I live in ran a test of our water. At the same time, several different bottled waters were also tested. The results were that our city water was much cleaner than any of the bottled waters. Less impurities, chemicals, etc. I'm not sure how much I believe this study, however, I'm not sure how much I believe the labels on bottled water either. So being totally confused about the whole thing, I made my first batch with bottled water and my second with our tap water. It makes good coffee and tastes really good to drink. I wasn't really worried about the taste as much as not knowing if there was anything in the tap water that might effect the beer. So, I figured the best way to find out was to give both a try. Will know the results in a month or so.
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    Yes, until all sugars are eaten, but that's done in a few weeks. So you won't find that a beer you stored for 4 weeks has lower carbonation than a beer you stored for 12 weeks.
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    Sure, thats the process. Thats why you measure how much sugar you put in. So hopefully you end up with “x” volumes of CO2. No big deal for most yeasts. The only time id worry about it is with brett or something that takes a long time to chew on those sugars and will eat them down 110%. Same with saison yeast. I wont bottle condition with saison yeast, i dont trust any calculations
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    Always the romantic. LOL. Around here, SWMBO doesn't like beer, and for that I am truly greatful.
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    Tell her to switch to wine? Sangria is very good. No offense but she might not be a craft beer drinker. Not to criticize, but let her enjoy what she enjoys
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    My wife sticks with her Bud Lights with a squirt of lime juice. She has taken a sip of nearly everything I've brewed, she makes a nice comment and hands it back. I think she drank a whole one once when she was out of buds. My feelings are completely intact, as is the pipeline. All is well.
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    I still have a couple more weeks before my American Light is ready to drink. I'll definitely give the squirt of lime juice or squeeze of lime a try and see how she likes it. This is really good news to me since I wouldn't want to brew a batch of something nasty to everyone but maybe her. My goal is to brew beers that I, my family and friends can all enjoy.
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    I'd like to toss in the idea of lime zest during fermentation, as per a recipe or two on Mr. Beer's inventory.
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    Bud Light is not beer... Seriously, you can't brew a commercial beer with Mr. Beer refills, and you can't brew a lager like Bud Light, which has a lot of adjuncts in it. Not to mention that Bud Light is regular Bud with water added (true). The best way to add lime to a beer is to put some lime juice in the glass, or squeeze a lime in it. Maybe as you progress in this hobby your wife will see that craft beer and Bud Light aren't remotely the same.
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    No, because there is no measurable change. If you do the math, you'll see that the minute amount of sugar added to the bottle barely impacts ABV. Maybe it goes from 5.3 to 5.36. So what? I'd say it's not 5.3 anyway because of user-error in reading the hydrometer.
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    I used bottled water for American Light and tap water for Octoberfest
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    There's no reason the ring should cause a problem as long as it's all the way down against the seat. I've had plastic bottles for years and most of them still have the ring on them.
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    I mow all of our yard, front, back and field. But luckily, I have a John Deere and it does all the work. My legs are definitely not shapely but I ain't ever giving up the 'ol Deere.
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    Hmm, good point, I better start mowing the back yard also ! On second thought, to help my chicken legs out, I'll ask my neighbors if they don't mind I mow their lawns.
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    ive a Libby's craft beer glass set of glasses. very nice. . and a pint mug i got as a promotion. . . but i'm no snob. ill drink beer from plastic cups, boots, styrofoam... whatever.
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    Carbonating in bottles is the same process as fermenting. Yeast eats sugar (carb drops in your case), produce trub (dead yeast). Every bottle carbed beer has trub. After refrigerating at least 3 days, gentle pour the first half of the bottle down the side of the glass, then the second half should be poured directly into the center. STOP pouring when the trub starts flowing, you'll see the stream of beer get cloudy. You'll leave a small amount in the bottle. Rinse bottle a few times, then fill with water and let still on the counter while you enjoy your beer.
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    Very fortunate, with my beers the bottle would have erupted all over the place if I did that
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