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    Very good. I understand now. Thank you
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    Grains are steeped around 155F for 1/2 hour in water, then the grains are removed. Then the water is brought to a boil and removed from heat. Only then is the HME stirred in. Check out the instructions here for a popular recipe called Black Beer'd Porter. MRB walks you through it step-by-step.
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    Where are you? At the Amundsen-Scott Research facility in Antartica?
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    Coastal Mts of Western Oregon. Our snow, when we get it, is full of water - blue snow they call it. Very, very heavy. It took down power lines in three surrounding counties and where we live is just about at the very tip end of the power grid. Only two houses past ours for the next 40+ miles with power. This beats a record long standing. Day 16 and counting....
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