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    Sanitizing your LBK before putting it away is fine, but unnecessary. If you're not re-sanitizing it on brew day, that is not ok. You must sanitize all equipment just before using it. One Step is NOT superior to Star San, it's different. Both are no-rinse sanitizers. Star San works faster. Star San stores longer. But it is not better at sanitizing.
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    I thought Mr B sanitizer was One Step. Yes I think so. I read it on the forum somewhere. Still Star San has really upped my game when it comes to sanitizing brew equipment. I use it on clean bottles, LBKs, brew day utenciles and I use it on the spigot after getting my FG sample before cold crasing and before bottling.
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    We fermented and distilled at high school as part of chemistry courses. Of course we surreptitiously saved the distillation product and took it home. It tasted OK mixed with orange juice. Of course this was only a small volume, probably less than 0.5 oz. Understood there could be alt byproducts in there, but at that time we did not know but we carefully distilled, monitoring temp for alcohol boiling point.
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    Coastal Mts of Western Oregon. Our snow, when we get it, is full of water - blue snow they call it. Very, very heavy. It took down power lines in three surrounding counties and where we live is just about at the very tip end of the power grid. Only two houses past ours for the next 40+ miles with power. This beats a record long standing. Day 16 and counting....
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