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    So the results are in. I brewed American Porter straight up just like it came in the mail. I used carbonation drops in half of the bottles and plain white sugar for the other half using the amount that the instructions that came with the kit said. They sat for two weeks ( I know people say to leave it longer but for this experiment this is what I did) and one bottle of each was put in the fridge for 24 hours ( again I know longer is better). When I poured the beer from the Carbo drops bottle there was a little head but not much. The sugar bottle was almost like a draft beer with a lot of carbonation and head. For me I think that I will not spend any more money on the drops and will just use sugar from now on.
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    Actually, 12 oz is 3/4 tsp and 16oz is 1 tsp. Many have noted that carb drops don't seem to get get the same carb levels as cane sugar. I would recommend you do different levels, label the bottles as such, and then YOU see what you like. Make sure when you compare them you do it blind, so that your brain is not swayed by the knowledge. While many homebrewers simply follow those guidelines, others try to determine the right level of carbonation for the style they are brewing. I use this: http://www.thescrewybrewer.com/p/brewing-tools-formulas.html#bpc
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    My point was that with all things being equal the bottles with sugar were far more carbonated than the ones with the carbonation drops. For me I will not be using the carbonation drops any more. They are more expensive and not worth it.
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    I use a refractometer exclusively. There are calculators that give you adjusted gravity once fermentation has begun. I agree with Zorak that you have to stir your initial wort or you won't get accurate gravity readings. This is not an issue once fermentation has finished. I will say that it probably isn't the most reliable method, I believe my error rate is about .01 when checking final gravity. In my book that is close enough. It also depends on the type of refractometer you have, I have a digital refractometer, so I get pretty accurate readings.
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    another thing i discovered with a refractometer.. if you dont stir the wort to mix it up before taking a measure, you get layers of different gravity. i would leave the wort sit and then get to measuring the grav with the refractometer and wonder why i was always missing my target og.
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    Here's a post from last December in response to someone asking about increasing ABV. There are many ways to do it, such as using Booster (adds ABV, doesn't affect taste), adding Liquid or Dry Malt Extract (LME or DME), adding different varieties of sugars, and mashing grains (these last three methods will all affect the taste).
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    What are you trying to gain? There may be other options to achieve it...but without knowing what you want we can't provide much advice.
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