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    Rinsing the caps is smart. Washing them in soap, not so much. Washing them period is overkill. I dump mine in a strainer, rinse them off, dump in bowl of Star San. Dipping the bell of the capper in anything is a good way to rust things out. Totally not needed. No part of the capper touches anything that matters. Cap is on bottle rim, that's it.
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    I'd thought about boiling a small amount of water and then dissolving the honey in it at flameout to add just after krausen but in the end, let it ride as is. Not like I'm going to taste the difference between 4.5 and 5.1, anyway.
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    I fill a bottle from the bottom up, with a bottling wand. I pay no attention to what comes out of the top, because it doesn't matter, since the foam causes zero harm by the time you go to drink the beer. You couldn't stop it from coming out the top regardless.
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    Don't know what to tell you. Don't fear the foam, don't fear the foam, don't fear the foam.
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    Stretch, I use a vinator and don't worry about the foam, I just let it ooze out of the top of the bottle when it is filling and then I cap on top of it. Dawg
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    If you filled to the 2 gallon mark, that's an average yield. I mark my LBK's with a magic marker at 2.25. Helps your yield a bit and overcomes a bit of that volume lost to trub. One packet of booster will negate the dilution. Just what I do to boost the yield.
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    You should not make a bottle tree out of oak, no. You also couldn't possibly make it as cheap as buying it.
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    Here's my process. I have a bottle tree and a vinator (bottle rinser). Mine tree doesn't have the right top to put the vinator on it, but that's fine for me. I put the vinator on a plate. I fill it with some StarSan, then hit each bottle with 3 pushes, and put them on the tree to drain. When I'm ready to bottle, I pull 8 bottles off the tree and put them on the counter, fill them with my bottling wand, then place a cap (that was in a bowl soaking in Star San) on top. When 8 are filled, I cap them.
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    I mate the caps up with the bottles when I sanitize them, put sanitizer in the bottle hold the cap on it and then invert the bottle letting a little sanitizer get out and over the top of the bottle and around the bottle/cap seal area. Then I stand the pair up to sit for the 10 min. Then when I fill them I have the caps right there. I have a bench capper but I don't wash it - it does not contact any beer related surfaces.
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    Thanks Jdub, I wasn;t sure, so I washed them anyway just in case a mouse or something peed on them at the warehouse. And then on to sanitizing - Even my dish towel was soaked in Star San and wrung out before it went on the counter. I mopped my floor with it. Made my daughter's cat stand in the tub up past his ankles - even dipped the last 1-1/2" of his tail in. I brushed my teeth and used it as a mouthwash. Next brew session, I'm filling a humidifier with the stuff just for the kitchen. I was thinking maybe I'd try Star San solution as my brew water. Take no chances.....have no fear. (Although I do admit to being scared a little with the foam remaining in each bottle before filling. The priming sugar was dissolving quickly sitting in that 1/4" of Star San in the bottom of the bottle.). Don't be Scared ™ (I tell myself, again and again)
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    i was just wondering if i could add it after high krausen with no issues. from what i've read, honey is fairly bacteria resistant, so sanitation is not my concern, but would it have the desired effect of more abv. i skipped adding a lb of sugar in this recipe. i think i'll leave it alone.
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