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    Brew #2 - MRB - 1776 Ale (ABV 4.2) Finally... a success! After losing to my first brew batch - MRB's American LAGER, I've got a winner. At least, to me it is! Not quite as carbonated as I'd like, and lacking in sustainable head, it's as sweet as I could have asked for. No sourness. No unpleasant aftertaste. Just a nice, sweet Ale. I can do this. I have one brew in the queue - an all-grain English Pale Ale. It should be just fine. We'll see. ON EDIT: Changed MRB's American Ale to MRB's American LAGER
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    CORRECTION: I reported my ABV as 4.2. That was MRB's expected percentage. My batch has an ABV of 4.0, which I am more than happy with. Next Up: Voodoo, probably with white cane sugar as opposed to brown.
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    ‘Thanks. That’s almost exactly what I want to do. My fridge only fits 2 LBKs, and I like having control over temperature.
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    that is awesome. congrats to you! keep up the good work and try a bunch of craft refill recipes.
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    Woohoo, congrat's! It's such a great feeling making that batch that makes you think "I CAN brew damned good beer in my kitchen."
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    I should have got a pic of straight through the glass. It's a clear as a clean window. Not that I would mind some haze, but this one is super clear. Also, I up-ended the bottle when finishing it, without thinking. Very few crumbs! I will be proud to offer this beer to my visiting friends. Good stuff.
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    Congrats! My first two batches were awful, so you're off to a better start!
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    Toast. 🍻
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    Eeew - just another thing to wash. 😎
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    I thought it was Vitamin P for..........nevermind
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