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    According to Briess malt is ok to be stored at those temperatures. It even mentions pre-ground malt now that I read it again. Maybe if you have a recipe that you know well make it with the refrigerated grains one time and non-refrigerated grains another time to see if you notice a difference.
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    I keep them there mainly as it's a choice between storing them on a shelf in a room that gets as warm as 76-77F during the day or keeping them in the fridge. I've never had a problem so far with any grain powder when sealing, although I do make the bags a little bigger than normal. If some of you experienced grain brewers say it's no problem to store the sealed grain at 76-77F, I'll start leaving them on the shelf. That means more room in the fridge for beer. 😁
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    Well I vacuum sealed the grains (zip lock bags and some sucking) (< ----Ok, that didn't really come out like I intended it to ) and stuffed both of those in a 1/2 gal canning jar, then put that in the fridge. Maybe I'll take it back out and put the jar in my fermenting cooler for the time being. Maybe not. But the hops are in the freezer and the yeast is in the fridge. @efdbrian thanks for the Briess link. It's open in another window and I'm fixing to read it.
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    Thanks, good to know. Always good to learn something new about this hobby!
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    @StretchNM, I store my grains in the basement (cool and dry) in an airtight container. Granted, none of mine are crushed, but even with your crushed grains I think the canning jar will do fine if that's what you have handy. Here is a link to storage recommendations from Briess. It includes their recommendation for LME/DME. Crushed grains will have a shorter shelf life than non-crushed grain. Most recommendations you find will tell you to use it within a few months. @Shrike, what's the reason behind storing the grains in the fridge? Also, since we are talking about crushed grains, I would imagine that all the powder could cause problems with a vacuum sealer.
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    I refrigerate yeast and hops. I take them out the day before I brew with them to let them come up to room temperature. For grains, I vacuum seal them, store in the fridge, and take out the day before using. ETA: the LME and HME can be stored at room temperature.
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