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    Brown sugar is actually processed sugar with molasses added for color. The yeast will readily eat the sugar and leave the molasses which causes the licorice taste. With processed sugar, if you don't control the temperatures it could cause an apple cider flavor. Palmer's concerns if I remember correctly are twofold. First, not all sugars are alike. Some are junk food for the yeast. After eating the junk food the yeast might not be as willing to eat the malt sugars. Secondly is the possibility of the cider flavor.
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    I've got a few bottles of Lock Stock Barrel Stout left that I bottled in October 2016. Based off one I had last month they're still fantastic.
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    Appreciate all the replies y'all, looks like I was worried about nothing. Good to know, I can stock up. Usually my lack of patience gets me and they barely make it past the bottle conditioning stage. Now I'm excited to see if they taste much different than it did when I left
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    All joking aside, some homebrews get better with age... some don't. IPA's tend to lose their hoppiness over time. If it's too hop forward for you let it sit and the hoppiness will decrease. Malty beers IMO only get better with age. I'm trying yo brew my porters, stouts, Oktoberfest and Belgian triples now for consumption in the fall and winter. I'm also trying to work in my wheat beers and lawn mower beers for the next couple months, because they reach thrir peak in a few weeks. @Creeps McLane, if nobody died, it's all good.
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    What about my “botulism” beer? Made from harvesting wild yeast in the forest?
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