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    I disagree with all of this. Soooooo many breweries add a percentage of simple sugar to their beers to boost abv but keeping the beer light. The percentage differs from style to style. For example an ipa will have more dextrose than a pale. It also gets the yeasts rolling and encourages regeneration for the main course. nothing i say is gospel. Nothing palmer says is gospel. Noting rick says is gospel, nothing ANYONE says is gospel. The best thing of homebrewing is individuality and freedom. Dont limit yourself
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    @StretchNM Stretch, i've brewed quite a few recipes that called for X amount of table or corn sugar. just adds ABV (which i like).
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    Now that you've heard a couple opinions... probably more to come. I could show you a youtube link of John Palmer brewing a Belgian Tripel. Watched it a couple weeks ago and he adds 2 lbs of sugar but that would only prove nothing is set in stone. If it was my beer, I would use 1/2 cup of light brown sugar and 1/2 cup of table sugar. My first alternate recipe modifications would be to replace the sugar with MrBeers liquid malt extracts.
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    Im just saying that adding dextrose is not a bad thing. Back in the day most extract kits had one can of extract and a butt load of sugar. Muntons is still like that. Maybe he was against that
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    Adding LME would change the flavor profile slightly but not terribly. Also, you could add booster. I'd go with either before I added sugar but that's my preference.
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    They should keep just fine - just keep them dark, and cool. You may lose some hoppiness with age and you may gain some complexity. I have not had any complaint about beers I have kept over 12-18 months but I do not generally keep them that long just a few.
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    If you do not put the sugar or something else in that will ferment, the ABV will be off from the recipe intentions. The cup will add maybe 1%. So if you just are OK with 6.5% then leave it out. If you want it more caramelly and malty and 7.4% add more malt extract e.g. Smooth from Mr B or Sparkling Amber from Briess (maybe 8 oz). You could also add Belgian Candy sugar, the dark will give some good flavors - maybe again about 8 oz. https://beerandbrewing.com/brewing-with-candi-sugar But bear in mind you are adding ABV and flavor so you have to pick what you want for each - and add the appropriate ingredients.
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    Don't limit yourself - try it. It may turn out tp be a disaster lol. But maybe not……. Would Mr. Beer sell booster if it was horrible for everyone?
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