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    The recipe says you get Golden not Smooth? But if you have Smooth and added 2, an LME and a DME, it will be REALLY MALTY. If you like that it will be nice. I just made the Rocket's Red Glare, which I really like as it has Cascade hops in too making more of a balance taste - not hoppy but citrus.(Also with Golden LME)
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    Thank you, men, for all the advice. After my last two posts this morning, I went in and brewed the batch. It's in the keg and beyond all help now. Sugar next time, maybe. I mixed in 8oz of DME Smooth before my 4 cups of water was boiling (I actually added a little more water - 5 or 6 cups total). Then, at the boil I removed from heat and stirred in my HME Bewitched and LME Smooth. Sure did smell good at that point. Playing with the top-off water, I brought the temp to 70F and pitched the Safale US05 yeast. It's fermenting now at about 63F +or- with frozen water bottles in the cooler. Done. Ya se acabò.
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    @StretchNM Stretch, i've brewed quite a few recipes that called for X amount of table or corn sugar. just adds ABV (which i like).
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    MRB yeast is half the price because it's for half the volume of beer. That packet of US-05 is made for a five-gallon batch which is why it's priced the way it is. You can ferment with MRB yeast at 65F. I keep all my ales except for saisons at 64F until high krausen is complete, regardless of whether I'm using -04,-05, MRB, or Nottingham.
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    Should be and if not just let it set on the counter a little longer.
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    Fairfield. Been home brewing since Christmas (7 batches so far). Focusing on Amber Ales.
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