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    The Mr. Beer packet is the size it is because no more yeast is needed for a 2.13 gallon batch. A full packet of S-05 is for a 5 gallon batch. Reading Palmer's book is great. However, the free online version was published in 2000, but he started it in 1995 and finally self-published the print copy. It's over 20 years old. The 4th edition was released in 2017 (3rd edition was in 2006), and contains quite a few updates. You can buy it on Amazon or get it from your local library. Changes from the 3rd to the 4th edition, per Palmer - 200 more pages, 5 new chapters, and more pictures and diagrams than every before. Imagine the changes from the first to the third editions. In a 2010 interview, Palmer said - "Stop getting the thing off the internet." referring to the first edition years after the 3rd edition was printed. It's a great source of info, but does contain several no longer popular "rules". I have read a few books, most from the library.
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    "Plus , if you buy MRB yeast on its own, it is half the cost of the oth er yeasts, making me doubt its quality" Don't disparage the Coopers yeast from down unda the lid, because it is a great yeast. I use it more often than I do US04 or US05. I hold my fermentation temperatures at 63 degrees and its a clean yeast. I let my fermentation temperatures rise to 68 and IMO similar to a British ale yeast. If you think about all of the novice brewers using MrBeer products and their kegs are on a kitchen counter probably in the low 70's and they're making passable beer... most other yeasts are more fickle and have a more narrow temperature range.
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    @Nickfixit No Nick. Sorry. I was theorizing when I said 2 LME. AND...... it may have come with LME Golden and I misspoke ( I love that term 😎) No, I brewed it with one can Bewitched, one (Golden?) LME, 8 oz of Smooth DME, and US05 yeast.
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    Shouldn't be an issue. When I use an 11g packet I pitch the whole thing and the beer comes out fine. If I planned out my brew schedule a little better I could use half for one batch and the remaining for the next. But plans change and I'd rather use the yeast in what can be considered an "overkill" situation than have it go to waste. 😀
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    I agree. He states that his 4th edition is out - 2017 - but doesn't state how old his online version is. He should add that to his home page.
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    About yeast per brew.............. Cooper's 6 gal kits come with a 7g packet of yeast. Safale packets are 11g. Mr B yeast packets are 5g. You can figure what you need using online calculator if you want but it seems fairly flexible, as it depends on viability from age of yeast, how it as been treated since packaging etc.. and generalizations for other things like strength of brew (need more if stronger), and brew temperature (need more if lower) and how much ester content you want (need more if less).
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    I forgot to take my original gravity reading!!!!!
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    Thank you, men, for all the advice. After my last two posts this morning, I went in and brewed the batch. It's in the keg and beyond all help now. Sugar next time, maybe. I mixed in 8oz of DME Smooth before my 4 cups of water was boiling (I actually added a little more water - 5 or 6 cups total). Then, at the boil I removed from heat and stirred in my HME Bewitched and LME Smooth. Sure did smell good at that point. Playing with the top-off water, I brought the temp to 70F and pitched the Safale US05 yeast. It's fermenting now at about 63F +or- with frozen water bottles in the cooler. Done. Ya se acabò.
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