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    LME and DME are made from grain, so they comply with Reinheitsgebot. Mr. Beer HMEs contain LME, and hops, and complies. Beer uses yeast (definitional). There is nothing about brewing a Mr. Beer can of HME that is not compliant. Some Mr. Beer recipes add adjuncts, those would not be compliant. Unclear if OP wants to comply with Reinheitsgebot, or simply brew all grain.
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    Two things come to mind: 1) Contact MRB and ask them which HMEs conform. Brew it. Done. Or 2) Do an all-grain batch. You can probably find hundreds of recipes online. Most will be for a five-gallon batch so you'd need to scale it down to two. As a side note, barley is what's used to make most LME/DME.
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    Also if complying with Reinheitsgebot is what you are after, you will likely end up using LME/DME to carbonate your bottles. You can find calculators for that online as well.
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    there are a lot of opinions on this forum and others, but I would start simple with a BIAB recipe. watch some videos on youtube about the process. if you have a kettle already, you just need some mesh sacks which are cheap on amazon and either a home brew shop or a place to buy grain and hops online. @Bonsai & Brew posted a recipe some time ago for an all grain pale ale called "Little Trees". that might be a good 2 gal recipe to try. sky is the limit.
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    Or you could get 1 or 2 of the 1 gall all grain BIAB kits. or if you have a local home brew store I am sure they would love to help you - even the online ones if you give them a call. I would expect most of the MR Beer ones would be good - but as he says - no harm in asking.
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