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    i would say go for it. although, i think the LBK is the perfect size for experimentation. 2 gal batch isn't too much, or too little. and there's no more effort 1 vs 2 gal batch. but it just gets worse from here. now i do 4 gal batches, and experiments are 3 gal.
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    Looks good to me, let it roll. Small scale is a great method to learn all grain. I'm about to brew a 12th all grain. Every all grain batch so far, a process has either been modified, added, or removed as more is learned. ABV is yet another variable, can be too low or too high. https://www.brewersfriend.com/allgrain-ogfg/
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    Last time I did this is worked out OK, but I did not read those instructions. As a result I added REAL CLEAN trub plus yeast to the new brew. THe new brew actuallybenefitted from some flavors left from the old.
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