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    I want smell-o'vision so bad!!!
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    i use clear plastic bottles from carbonated water. if i see bubbles forming on the surface of the beer it's a safe bet i have a pressure leak developing. most of the time it's caused by me screwing the caps down too hard and damaging the cap top where it is fused to the sides. i've had a bottom blow out once.. WHOOSH! BOOM YIPPEE! russian imperial stout all over the wall...ceiling... fun cleaning it up. your paper towel collar is a very clever idea.
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    They should not vent from the caps unless the cap is defective. If they bottle feels firm, then it should not have a leak. Sometimes a PET bottle will blow out the bottom (ask me how I know, then ask me again). Storing them in a plastic container (with lid) is a safe bet (ask me how I know that too).
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    On a different note - did you notice that Mr B now includes TWO LMEs with the Deluxe refills?!!!!!!!!!!
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