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    Looks like my finances are improving, and I'm probably going back into the brewing hobby come fall. One beer I'd like to clone is: https://www.lexingtonbrewingco.com/products/lexington-brewing-company/kentucky-tequila-barrel-wheat It had an amazing flavor of agave, with a hint of lime and wheat. It's been a while since I've had it, and would like to try to make something similar. I'm thinking about starting with the recipe for "Lock, Stock, and Barrel Stout", and change Bourbon to Tequila, but obviously need to change other aspects of the recipe. I'm open to suggestions on this one. Note that I don't want to overpower the wheat part. I want more the tequila and lime flavor. Here is the recipe for LSB, and my thoughts on what to change. I'm VERY open to suggestions. 2 Cans St. Patrick's Irish Stout - Change to 2 cans of Bavarian Weissbeir, or one Bavarian Weissbeir and one Aztec Mexican Cerveza., just because "tequila" aned "Mexican" 2 Packets of Dry Brewing Yeast - no change 3 Packets of BrewMax LME Smooth - Change to 3 packets of BrewMax LME Pale, 3 packs of Golden, or mix of Pale and Golden 1 Packet of Munich Malt and 1 Packet of Chocolate Malt - Change to One Pack of Pilsen and one pack of Vienna, but I'm clueless on this one 2 Packets of Flaked Oats - Thinking no change to this one, but might change to Corn 2 Packets of Fuggle Pellet Hops - Open to ideas. Just don't want a lot of hop bitterness on this recipe 2 Packets of Oak Chips - no change 3 Hop Sacks - no change 1 Packet of Nottingham Yeast - no change 1 Packet of No-Rinse Cleanser - no change Add - zest of two or three limes. Not sure how many, leaning toward three, or two plus a bit of the juice Unfortunately, I don't have access to Facebook, so I can't ask the Mr. Beer brewing team for their suggestions. If someone could post this on their forum and let me know their response, I'd appreciate it. And as always, I appreciate the idea of the team on this forum. Miniyoda
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    Although I'm having a difficult time imagining how key lime, agave, tequila, and oak flavors would mingle, I think you're on the right track with your idea. The only suggestion that I would make might be fermenting with a more characterful yeast -- maybe a West Coast ale yeast, BRY-97 or something similar? You could also have fun with some interesting hop additions but that would be up to you. Good luck with it and welcome back to brewing!
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