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    I’m not so sure that work isn’t the safest place for you right now, but it is nice to have you shake up the forum every now and then🍻.
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    I’m working on my car and was wondering if this beer hydrometer can measure the density of my antifreeze percentage in the radiator full of water? I tried to measure the density of water in my oil in the engine but it was just too milky looking and I’m thinking I should go ahead a drive it to Vegas anyway!!!
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    It's 2021, you can simply identify as a woman and if they don't hire you call them misogynists and accuse them of a hate crime. Hurray for progress! 😏🙄 😊
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    Haha! I just saw this!!
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    And to add, gonna get off my lazy azz and jot down those dates on the cans so I can get em outta here! What’s left over I’ll throw in the kettle like a potluck stew of creative beer
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    I finally got a rotation shift at work that allows me to have 14 days off per month when I was originally getting 4 days off per month. Yea it’s hot hot summer, but I’m gonna brew everything I have!!
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    Hoppy, I’m glad it’s only the 5 of us left on this forum because I can only imagine the reactions from the uninitiated 🍺
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    I used liquid nitrogen once, had this guy show up in a truck with a refrigerator tank attached. Pulled out this insulated spray attachment and sprayed my fermenter! It exploded and I used the super frozen chunks of beer as a compliment to my beers that I brewed that weren’t so successful. Nice thing about using liquid nitrogen, the metal fermenter exploded too, but since it was so cold none of the metal chunks contaminated the beer! So this is just one of my disaster turned to success stories of life!!
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    What!!!!??? No Booster!! OMG!!!! I usually add my own concoction booster, 5lbs corn sugar per 5 gal . And depending on recipe, I might throw in 4 oz of malto dextrin.
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    I was brewing a chinook ipa last week, must have konked out somewhere along boiling time, somehow I remembered to turn off the propane flame and did quite a few other things before passing out that I don’t remember either. The next day I go outside and frighteningly looked in the kettle expecting everything burnt, nope! There it sat ready for yeast pitching, unfortunately, I do remember during preboil I had 8 1/2 gallons. When I looked the following day it read 3 gallons. So prior to pitching I undiluted the stout version of the chinook with 3 gallons of water and pitched yeast. Another day and it’s ready for the keg.!!! Just a note for you newbies! When I’m Rome do what the Scottish did in 1957 during the condom prohibition days!!
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    I contacted them. Thought I would have heard back by now. I think the Coopers bucket fermenter is identical. They have a replacement [spigot] tap that looks like it would work. I contacted them, just waiting to hear back. UPDATE Someone from Coopers [Mr. Beer] got back and said the Coopers DIY Beer Snap Tap is specifically for the BrewMax 6G. I ordered 2.
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    I wouldn't hesitate to contact their customer service and ask for what size replacement is needed. They should be able to tell you and might even be able to give you a source for them. MRB's customer service is great and they go the extra mile to help the customer.
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