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    Hi not many here any more. I read what's new and some old posts. Thought I would post my current issue here with a smaller group other then HBT. Wont get lost in the mix I brewed the subject recipe, used regular MTN DEW soda NOT diet. OG 1.063 ferment 3 weeks in LBK FG 1.030 WAY off per MRB. Yeast US-05. I was going to bottle it but was concerned the high residual sugar would give me bottle bombs. So I did the radical fix, add a pkt of CMRB yeast, stirred the trub increased temp from cold crash temp to 70, put back in fermentation chamber at 68. After 2 days there is NO yeast/fermentation activity. I am guessing there is no fermentable sugars. The high readings are related to the other ingredients ? in the soda. Plan is to wait a week then transfer to a 2.5g keg, add 2 oz of sugar, attach a pressure gage /CO2 charger and see what it does. Aside, I keg about half of my recipes these days. See if it self carbs in the keg then add CO2 to force carb it for drinking. Taste sample was OK a bit hoppy but good. Thoughts?
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