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    I'm new to brewing beer. I'm on my 3rd try with Mr. Beer. I got the Diablo IPA for Xmas. I want to make the GILA Monster Black IPA. I have the Instruction, the question I have is.... Do I leave the hop sack in the fermenter and or how long. Lagunitas NightTime black IPA was one of my Favorite beers!!! Thx Darren🍺
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    When I brew it I plan on adding it about an hour before bottling.
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    Never done it but I don't see what it would hurt.
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    No. If you use an EXCESSIVE amount of yeast in a batch (that's not excessive), you run the risk that the yeast get lazy and don't do their job. Use it all, don't worry about it.
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    Welcome Darren. You'll want to leave the hop sack in the fermenter the entire time. One option, when you bottle, is to use a pair of sanitized tongs to quickly remove the hop sack, and then put the lid back on. A better option is to cold crash, after ensuring the hop sack is at the back of the LBK. See my post regarding cold crashing. Also, for best results, follow the 3-4 rule. 3 weeks in the fermenter, 4 weeks in bottles. When fermenting, ideally you don't want the beer to get warmer than the high 60s, mid 60s is better. After bottling, keep the bottles at 70 or low to mid 70s for 4 weeks, then refrigerate for at least 3 days before drinking. Again, read some of the posts listed in my signature.
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