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    Hoppy, I’m glad it’s only the 5 of us left on this forum because I can only imagine the reactions from the uninitiated 🍺
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    MRB has two new recipes, both featuring Kveik yeast. They complete fermenting in 3-4 days. They have limited quantities, so once the ingredients are gone so are the recipes.
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    I’m not so sure that work isn’t the safest place for you right now, but it is nice to have you shake up the forum every now and then🍻.
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    It's 2021, you can simply identify as a woman and if they don't hire you call them misogynists and accuse them of a hate crime. Hurray for progress! 😏🙄 😊
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    I used liquid nitrogen once, had this guy show up in a truck with a refrigerator tank attached. Pulled out this insulated spray attachment and sprayed my fermenter! It exploded and I used the super frozen chunks of beer as a compliment to my beers that I brewed that weren’t so successful. Nice thing about using liquid nitrogen, the metal fermenter exploded too, but since it was so cold none of the metal chunks contaminated the beer! So this is just one of my disaster turned to success stories of life!!
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    Actually, I’ve used this method for last years Tank 7 recipe that those guys finally released, unfortunately, they have their own trademark on their yeast. I found a yeast that was compatible. I’ve used dycitel rest for a Wheatwine and a few ipas. And tried it out with a kveik.
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    Now you Noe Drest of the story
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    I was brewing a chinook ipa last week, must have konked out somewhere along boiling time, somehow I remembered to turn off the propane flame and did quite a few other things before passing out that I don’t remember either. The next day I go outside and frighteningly looked in the kettle expecting everything burnt, nope! There it sat ready for yeast pitching, unfortunately, I do remember during preboil I had 8 1/2 gallons. When I looked the following day it read 3 gallons. So prior to pitching I undiluted the stout version of the chinook with 3 gallons of water and pitched yeast. Another day and it’s ready for the keg.!!! Just a note for you newbies! When I’m Rome do what the Scottish did in 1957 during the condom prohibition days!!
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