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    just crushed 11 lbs of grain for my "Texas Sunset Pale Ale". brewing in the morning. Using Centennial for bittering. Eukanot, simcoe and loral Cryo hops for low temp whirlpooling and dry hopping. US-05. should be good.
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    I was thinking to myself today "cant you sneak in a brew day during the week? I mean the pipeline is awfully low". So I said, Self, that's a damn good idea. Went home, drew up a recipe fpr a simple 5 gallon BIAB. Prepare tomorrow, Brew on Wednesday. Well, then my phone buzzed and an event was added to the family calendar. Apparently my wife will be with my sister tomorrow night, kids will be at my parents so of course Ill be brewing tomorrow. Salts are measured, kettle is clean, grains are milled, should be set. Oh hell yeah!!!
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    I ran across this 2017 Mr Beer article and while there are many hops not on this list, it's a great reference list that might help tickle your thought process when choosing your hops whether your brewing extract or AG. https://www.mrbeer.com/blog/post/aroma-hops-bittering-hops-dual-purpose-hops
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    Don't go by how long you have stored the yeast (assuming that was what you meant by "a year old"), use the packet date code. You can check the Mr Beer yeast by the packaging date code on the packet day and year, formatted DDDYY. My last Churchill NB Ale end of life can had a 2016 dated yeast. I did substitute a different yeast (London ESB). I did throw the can yeast in the boil. However, you have to figure that Mr Beer would package yeast that would still be viable enough by the HME best-by date. You also have to consider though if it has a viable low number of yeast cells, then it will be in growth phase longer and will make much more flavoring which may not be what you want. As mentioned above, if you do use the can yeast and get no action in a day or 2 you can put a newer yeast in as well.
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    While not marketed as American noble, we have some citra debittered leaf at the brewery. Basically the same thing. I used it in a blonde ale for some low IBUs and a hint of citrus. We then added a medium roast coffee after fermentation. The coffee had notes of citrus as well. Combined these made what I think is a pretty darn good coffee blonde.
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    This finger in bottle is even endorsed by Mr Beer's Ashley.
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    Id just stick it in boiling water for a minute or five. Then wait for it to cool obviously eh?
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    what @Shrike is saying is correct. porter is an ale, and if you have an inkbird, i would turn the temp down a bit.
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    that's the info i needed. i've made 4 batches of mrb extract, and a few using extract and grain. i still use an ice chest and frozen bottles for temp control. i've been very happy with the beer so far. thanks So much for your input....i hope the yeast works... i'll know tomorrow.
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    I ferment my beers for 18 days typically at 64-65F temperature controlled. I'll either bottle at 18 days or cold crash for an additional 3 days then bottle. Temp control is very important. I use a mini fridge and ink bird now, but when I started out I used a frozen pint of bottled water in a cooler with an LBK to maintain a 64F temp. With an LBK you'd want to tape a kitchen sponge to the flat end of the keg and put a temp probe below the waterline to get an accurate reading of the wort temp and not ambient temp as the two can differ considerably during the first 3-5 days of krausen, when the yeast is most active.
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    I think you're confusing fermentation time with conditioning time.
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    I think Briess aromatic malt is 20L Munich
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    Ritebrew has it. They dont have everything, but they had that. I had to sub liberty for mt hood for example.
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    yes, am going to get started after i have a little coffee!
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    YCH is marketing what they call American Noble hops. These are low AA (1-3) pellets made from the leftover bits after making their cryo product. THey are intended to impart the American flavors into beers that you would otherwise use Noble hops for. So it is not a hop blast like for IPAs. It is a more subtle nuanced result. Has anyone used these? I got a 2 oz pkt intending to make a Space Dust clone, but I don't think they are up to it. I need T-90 pellets.
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    i don't about their american noble hops, but i just bought a bunch of their cryo hops for my next brew. I have used them for whirpooling, or hop stand after the boil, and they are incredible. if you don't want the hop bitterness, but more of the flavor/aroma, you should try them. here's an article that explains how to use them: https://www.yakimachief.com/homebrewing-with-cryo-hops/
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    Drink beer (or two) rinse well with hot water and dish soap. Before brewing sanitize with oxygen cleaner. Same for plastic bottles.
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    Glad to see someone else using the finger in the bottle trick. If I don't do this, I end up with a ring where the top of the beer was. You know there is a certain poster on here (not naming him but his last name rhymes with deer) who thinks I'm imagining "ring around the bottle."
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    I know this is an old topic, but wanted to third that this is a solid recipe. I’ve made it three times and always satisfies my stout fans. I’m going to try to age some longer than three months to see how good it will get.
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    @MRB-Rick Thank you for your post. Knowing that our concerns are relevant to Mr. Beer and that you have addressed them is good for us all. Also the update to our perceived lack of participation in this forum is wonderful. Knowing that the questions that we have spent a lot of time answering are still providing help is awesome. Even though I no longer brew with Mr. Beer products, I use this forum to help those who like me are starting out their journey with Mr. Beer. I hope that somehow my answers and the answers of others here have kept some brewers in the hobby that would have left otherwise. Your post alone will make me continue to check this forum every day as I have always done. Prost, Dawg
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    Thank you for all your comments on here. To address a few: 1) Security concerns on Facebook are real so don't join if you are concerned at all. It OK. 2) Facebook is a totally different group than the forum here. There is no need to join if you prefer to be here. 3) Every business goes through staffing changes and we have had many people throughout the years. Our former brewmasters include Eric Green who started one of the best craft breweries in Arizona, Dragoon Brewery, Gene Sandoval started Blackrock Brewing, Pat Butler joined Dragoon Brewing, Sam Diggens joined Sentinel Brewing, and most recently we had Josh move up to Pinetop Brewing Co. Then we have others like Tim, Tyson and Renae that were here for a time and then were able to continue to grow themselves (millennials change jobs 4 times between 21 and 32 according to LinkedIn study). We continue to bring in new people with or without experience. Right now we have two current agents with over 25 years experience in brewing not counting the additional 65 years of experience with the other people in the office. 4) It may appear that Mr. Beer participation is lagging in the forum, but instead the amount of searches that go on just show that people are finding the answers that they need. Similar to what many of you have said, they dont go that next step and further participate. With almost a half a million posts, they will find their answer. We have had to adjust our way of communicating and now had more people participating in our support chat on our website more than anything else. This too could possibly take away from participation here. 5) The homebrewing business has changed drastically over the past decade. Interest grew dramatically up to 2012 then slowed, then in 2015 reverse and many people lost interest. The craft beer craze that we all enjoy has some to blame as we all can go to one of many close by craft breweries and enjoy what we once could only brew. 6) With more people working, there is less time to brew. There is almost a perfect correlation to the unemployment rate to the interest in "how to brew" google searches. Most businesses go through this cycle and it will come back around with more interest developing again in short order. When that does happen we will have this forum, Facebook, our site and continue to look at all options where people want to be contacted. This forum is not going anywhere soon. We will continue to upgrade and maintain. We will continue to engage when needed and point new brewers here to get their answers. Please continue to be the warm and engaging group that you all are.
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    Either way, carbonate or not, is good (if you don't, just always remember to clear the head space as mentioned above). Personally, I am with Creeps on this one, I like to gas mine, slowly, then once it's good to go, I set the keg aside until I am ready to drink. Though, I can say, that my 3X IPA (12%) I have going, which is ready to keg now, has been in the conical for 9 weeks. I just dropped the yeast when needed. Cold crashed when needed. Dropped more and let it age in there (still in the cooler) as I was in no rush to get the conical back... and didn't have enough Sixtels to keg it at the time anyway (that's what last weeks Portland run for kegs was all about lol). Whatever you chose, you will enjoy kegging. Costs more, initially, but makes life so much easier... plus is wicked fun to have your own tap(s) at home Too bad none of you are local, I have a bunch of Corney kegs I could pay it forward with as I don't use them any more.
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    You throw it in the keg, put in some CO2 then pull the pressure relief a few times to get any oxygen out of there,Then i usually have my regulator set to 8-10 and i let it charge up, then i take it off the gas and let it sit until I’m ready for it.
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    Wyeast california lager yeast is also good. You can make a nice "steam" version with it or S-23 if you can't keep lower fermentation temps. It may not be to "style" but it's good.
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    For those following along at home, its hard as a rock... I should've saved some grains from this weeks brews for the beast balls. Damn.
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