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    Since it's been too chilly recently to work in my woodshop in the garage, and forecast to still be too cold to do so, I think Garagewerks Brewery is going ramp up to brew my clone of Hopulation by Titletown Brewery. Have to order some hops today as I don't have quite enough for a 5 gal batch.
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    I never looked into this, beyond looking at the hops and saying "wow". I dump my spent grain in the woods instead of the trash, and since I started using a hop spider I have been dumping the hops in the same bucket. My wife has been salvaging spent grain and making cookies for her and I, so when I brewed this week I emptied the hop spider into a cereal bowl. For fun, I then weighed it. Question - how much does 1.5 oz of hops grow to after brewing?
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    Wow, I never would have guessed it was that much!
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    Chromos is probably my favorite MRB lager recipe. My fourth batch of it is brewing right now. It's very smooth and balanced. As a side note: I live in the Deep South so only brew lagers during the winter when the temps drop. I ferment lagers usually at 54-55F. Once bottled, I store them in an old wine fridge I picked up a few years back; I set the temp set at 54F. I let them lager in there for three or four months before starting to drink them. If I had a basement I'd just put them down there. There have been times when I was overstocked on lagers and had to let a batch condition at room temperature, which reached as high as 73F. Although not ideal, I didn't notice any deterioration in the quality of the beer.
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    Black lager sounds like the best of both worlds in your case!
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    Thanks again for sharing your experience Shrike! Really appreciate it!!
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    Let it go without the booster. Booster adds ABV but doesn't affect the taste or mouthfeel. Yep, you can use it on another brew. I usually have about 10 packets of booster sitting around that I get with refill orders. I use them up by tossing one into a brew here and there. Each one adds approx. 0.65% ABV, so you can figure out how many you want to add by determining how strong you want your beer. For example I like my stouts around 4-5% and my IPAs around 6-7%, so I use up excess booster to try and hit those ranges.
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    The Chromos will be fine. It'll have slightly less ABV and a touch less body, but that's all. Yes, you can use the 2-row in other recipes. Seeing that you'll be doing the Sticky Wicket, that's where I'd use it, adding it to the other grains.
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    Doesn't really matter.
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