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    I'd go ahead and crash it. Unless you used Burlington yeast for your haze, as it can produce more diacytel then other ale yeasts and a rest is recommended for it. ETA: Nevermind, just saw that you used s-04.
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    I don’t think a D-rest is needed with ale yeast. Go ahead and crash!
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    What temperature are the bottles sitting at while carbonating? It's recommended to do a full three weeks at room temperature, meaning around 70-75F, to completely carb your brews. If it's cooler than that, it'll take longer. I've never used the drops. I've always used sugar. Now I stick with Domino's Dots. 1 sugar cube = 1/2 tsp. I use one for 12oz bottles and two for pint and 500ml bottles. Simple and fool-proof.
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