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    Josh will reply to you in 4.5 years. 😜😆
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    Pulled 7,000 weeds just now. I avoided all the maple tree sprouts. Maybe ill save them and sell for $10 a piece in fall. Little side action...
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    Making this beer this weekend. Sub extract for 4lbs wheat and 4lbs pilsner. Also sub hallertau for liberty. The LHBS was out. Never used this yeast before, i have always used omegas hefe yeast in the past.
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    I was joking that he was asking a question to a four-and-a-half year old post.
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    Contrary to popular belief, the Reinheitsgebot wasn't Germany-wide. It only applied to the state of Bavaria. That's why you don't see those other German styles complying with the law.
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    Hey, I'm still paying attention even though I don't post as much.
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    Hi Josh, Thanks for the recipe. It's been a while since I did some brewing, things dropped off the map not long after my post. I've got a hankering to start up again. This will have to wait until the winter since I don't have anywhere at a stable 65-70F with the Texas heat. I'll maybe tap you for some clarifications when I get the stuff together to give it a go. Thanks, Nigel
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    I have used the white labs hefe yeast and will again this weekend. I use this as the base beer for my pawpaw Heffeweizen. I still have 2lbs of frozen pawpaws in the kitchen freezer. SWMBO has requested I use them a.s.a.p.
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    Making new batch thus next week. will bottle with 1/2 tsp as a little less carbonation is ok with us. Really taking sanitation time to make sure bottles and LBK are well done. That very well could have been a game changer as I sort have rushed that process. Bottles have been well cleaned as has the LBK. Will take a solid process with the sanitizer on bottling day as well as getting the wort into the LBK. Will watch fermentation time and temp and final gravity. Again, I could have rushed the process. Only time this has happened with any brew. As with my golf, not gain in rushing the process!!
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    Josh's Quick Hefe: For 5 gallons: 6 lb. Dry Wheat extract (or 6.6 lb Liquid Wheat extract, I recommend Coopers - 2 cans... . https://us.diybeer.com/brew-cans/malt-extract/wheat-malt-extract 1 oz Hallertau (split in half) Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan No need for a starter because this isn't a very big beer. But it's simple and tasty. Activate the yeast pack according to the directions on the back of the package. Add wheat malt to 2 gallons of water and, while stirring, bring to a boil. Make note of the time the boil starts and add 1/2 oz of Hallertau hops. Do not boil too hard, make sure it is a calm boil. After 45 mins of boil add the 2nd 1/2 oz of Hallertau hops. Boil a final 15 mins then turn off heat and gently stir for a few minutes. Cool the wort and add to fermenter on top of 2 gallons of very cold water. HINT: 8 lbs of filtered ice = 1 gallon of water. Top off to 5 gallons. After the wort cools to 80° or below open the yeast package and pour the contents on top of the wort. Ferment for 7-10 days at 68°-72° F. The final specific gravity should be 1.010-1.012. Bottle or KegAt that temp, the yeast will finish fermentation within 7 days - 10 days at most (if cooler). That yeast imparts little to no acetaldehyde, and it gives off amazing banana/clove notes at the recommended temps. There is no need for extra time to clarify or for the yeast to "clean" the beer. The byproducts in that beer are what make the flavor profile. And since it's a hefeweizen, it's not going to clarify anyway, nor should you want it to. Anyway, it's a very quick and simple recipe that can easily be expanded on. Try steeping some carapils for extra body. Or add a cup of honey for some dryness. It's a pretty versatile recipe and a great introduction for people moving away from HME and into doing their own hop schedules. You can probably do this with the Bavarian Weissbier and some Golden LME, too, but I haven't tried this yet. I think I'll give it a go sometime this month and get back to you. The yeast is the key. You can cut this in half for a 2 gallon batch, but it will be slightly stronger in flavor and ABV (not a bad thing).
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