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    Hoppy has squirreled enough HME for all five of us left!
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    Ok so I’ve had these cans of lme in storage for quite some time and some date back to 1932. I really don’t know when I’ll ever get to them so I’ll offer up free for anyone interested they pay shipping charges. That’ll free up some closet space bcuz I’m tired of coming out of the closet........... and tripping over all of these cans while I’m accepting my true identity by coming out of the closet and tripping over these cans!! I need help!!!
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    I cold crash too many times, passing out in backyard during cold months while attempting to make a bonfire
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    What are the dates on the Winter Dark Ales? And welcome back, Hoppy, always nice to see you check in.
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    I'd go ahead and crash it. Unless you used Burlington yeast for your haze, as it can produce more diacytel then other ale yeasts and a rest is recommended for it. ETA: Nevermind, just saw that you used s-04.
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    I don’t think a D-rest is needed with ale yeast. Go ahead and crash!
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    The only one you’re missing is the Baltic Porter.
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    I’ll check on remaining dates on Saturday, only time off day, and will attempt to check dates before I’m drunk.
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    There’s a few more I think in a box but I may be wrong, I did have some Muntons too that’s more recent and mainly used for quick Cerveza recipes. I’ll have to get the dates on these. I think the 3 cans of Hellesbock is around 2016 ( don’t seem expanded) and I used to cans last year for a dopplebock and it was fine. I have 2 ESB’s a few Coopers brand. 3 winter dark ale, a bunch of lager , 3 american ale, the newest, Imperial ale ( 2018-19?). Like 4 Canadian, 4 American Light, 2-3 Bavarian and one can of Czech. I’m pretty sure Rick will want them all so he can throw them at Mich coach when they fire him.
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    Thank you for sharing your experience Shrike!
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    I used them to make Lock/Stock Bourbon Stout with no "pre-soaking" and it turned out great.
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    What temperature are the bottles sitting at while carbonating? It's recommended to do a full three weeks at room temperature, meaning around 70-75F, to completely carb your brews. If it's cooler than that, it'll take longer. I've never used the drops. I've always used sugar. Now I stick with Domino's Dots. 1 sugar cube = 1/2 tsp. I use one for 12oz bottles and two for pint and 500ml bottles. Simple and fool-proof.
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    Anyone have an opinion on how to store hops? i buy 1 oz packs from my LHBS or from Mr. Beer. I have lots of leftovers. My LHBS keeps them in a freezer. Should I be freezing them or fridging them? next use date unknown. Whenever I need some hops, i guess.
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