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    I just ordered an assortment of 41lbs of grain. Pils, wheat, briess 2 row, Maris, golden promise, and a little melanoiden. With what I've already got on hand in base and specialty, plus hops and yeast, I should be set for a few months. First will be an Irish red and a witbier back to back, then probably shift back to a couple larger repeat batches of Altbier and a Pale Ale like my Night Moves or depending on how well it turns out my Wiscohops PA. I'm excited to get brewing again after the holidays and looking forward to rebuilding my pipeline.
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    鈽濔煆伙笍 This is the reason we can't lose this forum.
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    going to the brew shop today. going after CO2 fillup and grain bill for an APA that I put together using my Veteran's Blend Hops that i bought from YCH.
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    Nice! It definitely beats purging gas to drop the pressure before serving, especially if you want to push it back up after drinking.
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    Comp potential. Best foot forward!
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    Suspecting is not the way to brew beer. You can get a stick on thermometer at a store that sells aquariums, and you'll know. If it's in a cooler with the lid shut, there is no way it's that cold. Here's the Fermentis data sheet - https://fermentis.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/SafLager-S-23.pdf
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    Totally missed this topic a couple years ago, but thought I'd mention that the HomebrewCon is in Nashville this summer (Jun 18-20). If anyone is coming, feel free to drop me a message and I can point you to the best beer sites in town...
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    SPECIALTY STEEPING GRAIN 路 0.5 lbs Briess Caramel 20L MALT EXTRACTS 路 9.15 lbs Gold Malt Syrup HOPS 路 1 oz Bravo (60 min) 路 1 oz Columbus (10 min) 路 1 oz Denali (10 min) 路 1 oz Columbus (0 min) 路 1 oz Denali (0 min) 路 1 oz Columbus (dry hop) 路 1 oz Denali (dry hop) US-05
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    What's his name?
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    Career and drunken stupors and oh yeah venture to the upside down world from Stranger Than My Ex Things
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    I have a telescope as well!! But it鈥檚 stationary and cannot remove it from facing my single neighbors windows
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    I think I have a yeast infection
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    Ordered my grains and adjuncts for another batch of my Witbier. I'm going to change this one up and use a different yeast, Wyeast 1007, that I use for my Altbier. This will be a nice change up in styles after 3 pale ales and an altbier.
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    I got them from water reports online from the aquifer that supplies the well water. I could be wrong, but I imagine of I walked into city hall and asked about their water profile, they'd think I'm a terrorist. Those poor ladies that work as clerks there wouldn't know what to do. I just figured o could get close enough with some online research. I might have to go in and scare the blue haired beehives.
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    He just woke up from a drunken stupor.
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    I've left mine on up to 20 psi, so you should be good @Bonsai & Brew
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    I ordered 40鈥 of beverage line. I switched one line from the 3鈥 to 10鈥 and left my psi at 10, let the line cool for a bit and guess what? I poured a perfect 馃嵑. I guess I was wrong and now I will be switching all my lines over. Thanks boys!
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    The instructions for this recipe indicate to ferment between 53 & 59 degrees -- does anyone know what would happen if kept at a slightly higher recommendation such as between 60 & 64? Kevin
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    Yeah, I've been toying with that calculator. I've been trying to make adjustments to my current water, to defray the cost (a whopping 69 cents per gallon lol) and the headache SWMBO gives me in grief for loading up the shopping cart with distilled water lol.
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    I like that you're going the extra mile and acquiring golden promise malt for your Irish Red!
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    According to Northern Brewer S-23 will still be good from 61F-66F. It just won't have as much of a "lager" character.
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    I cold crashed only once and it wasn鈥檛 pretty!!! I was pretty drunk one evening driving an ice truck in winter time . Well you can guess what happened next!!!
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    I know the reviews are all over the place for this kit. I will say that I took my results to a local brewery and spoke with their head brewer who I know. We compared numbers with his $25 water test and they were within a range that he was very comfortable with. Yes, the send away test give you exact readings while this kit gives you accuracies to within 10ppm. This brewer told me that 10ppm is more than close enough. I know it has improved my brewing.
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    +1 I'll send beer and water!
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    If I send a water sample to you would you return a report to me? LOL. Some of the reviews start off reading like slams against the level of accuracy, then they give it 4 or 5 stars out of 5. Not sure what to think.
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    right. i think the solution is to use an airlock for cold crashing instead of the blowoff tube. I am using an airlock now, and although it makes it taller, the vodka stays in the airlock.
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    I've pretty much quit cold crashing cause I'd get starsan sucked back into the fermenter. Even with dry hopping 3 days before bottling I haven't had clarity issues. Everything seems to settle out just fine to the bottom of the bottle during carb/conditioning. Kegging I don't know about.
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    I have a water test kit and test my water every 3 or 4 months. https://www.morebeer.com/products/lamotte-brewlab-basic-water-test-kit-718901.html?chan=dod
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    Waiting on a package that my brew day is depending on and also another package from a friend. Both better say 鈥渙ut for delivery鈥 or this guy has some plans to change for the day
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    Our local report has some lag to it as well, but that's okay it puts me close enough. However, they include an average for all the levels, which is helpful.
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    How exactly does a friend test water? You got people in high places?
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    this is my local tap water report but it's from 2018. isn't that pretty much worthless being 2 yrs old now?
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    yes, "Jdub in Texas" is extremely high society! i drink my shiner bock out of a diamond crusted crystal beer mug! LOL
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    Many owners of kegging systems don't practice good sanitation. Proper cleaning of the lines is necessary, as well as regular disassembly of the entire faucet, clean and sanitize, then reassemble. I had some very experienced brewers tell me that a certain high end tap was not able to be disassembled. I then sent them a picture of it disassembled, and they were astonished... The manual that I posted a link to (and will again below), recommends cleaning the lines every 14 days. Among other things, each faucet should be rinsed with clean water at the end of the day and if you have faucet plugs they should be stored in a glass of sanitizer and then inserted into the faucet at the end of the day. 99/100 homebrewers don't do that, maybe 999/100. Page 54 talks about faucet hygiene, starting at page 55 it discusses system maintenance and cleaning, including replacement of plastic lines every 1 to 2 years. http://www.draughtquality.org/wp-content/uploads/DBQM17.pdf Keep in mind that a pub or brewery pours very often, which flushes lines and faucets. Homebrewers don't, which makes it even more necessary to focus on good sanitation. This is the main reason that I haven't switched to kegs. Between my wife and I, we don't consume enough beer to make it worth the effort to maintain a kegging system, not to mention the wasted beer that would result from cleaning the system properly on a regular basis. That's why I stick with bottling. That may change in retirement, coming soon, we'll see.
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    planning on brewing an APA in the morning. should be good weather. the only obstacle will be the wife and potential honey do's since i'm off tomorrow. #homebrewproblems
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    One of the greatest changes to the JTR was the one that allowed alcohol to be considered against your PCS weight allowance instead of as a much more controlled separate shipment. When we left Germany in 2009 we shipped a couple dozen cases of beer, 20 bottles of whiskey, several bottles of German liqueur from Ettal, and about 80 bottles of wine. All that's left is a few of the wines. The beer disappeared quickly... 馃槣
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    Welcome back, @HoppySmile!!
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    I still have an unopened bottle I brought back from Germany in 1998!
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    +1 on size 14 Adams. Other favorites include Lt. Cahill, parachute wulffs and wooly buggers.
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    Hey @HoppySmile!, got anything interesting aging in that barrel of yours?
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    He'll answer you...in six months.
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    Welcome back. Never thought I say this, MY GAWD IT'S GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU! Where and how have you been?
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    Holy s*it, a Hoppy appearance!!!
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    Funny - just thinking the same thing! Might I suggest waiting until next August for the big meteor shower. I like the Adams fly pattern in size 14 hook. A good strongly hopped home brew will fit the bill. Currently I have a MB Winter Dark Ale for tonight, but the snow and sleet will preclude stargazing and fly fishing. Actually - I enjoy astronomy and have built my own telescope. Fly fishing is also a passion of mine shared by my older son. Since I retired, I've been very involved in my hobbies and enjoying brewing again . Aside from brewing, fly fishing and astronomy, I enjoy sailing (fair weather), amateur radio, guitar and competitive archery. We (wife and I) also enjoy hiking, skiing, camping and I am Scout leader. How I ever had time to work (39 years as a science teacher in New York City) is beyond me.
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    my wda is a success. i bottled on tuesday 11/12 after cold crashing for 3 days. filled 10 750ml bottles and i had about 8 oz left over. it had a great taste. i'll try the trub bottle after 4 weeks. thanks for all the help folks, i was close to tossing this batch.
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    I just wash them as I use them, with hot water and a bit of unscented dish soap. Shake well, refill with hot water, repeat a few times. If there's any persistent crud I hit it with a bottle brush. Rinse and put on rack to dry.
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    Wait wait wait... dark room, flash light behind fermenter. Untouched cold crashing and gelatin
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    It's doing it again. I took a photo. No "Community Drain Pipe" sub-forum. None of the posts made in that section since yesterday show up in the right side bar. Weird
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