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    Not beer related but i just booked all the camp sites for my trip to the badlands/devils tower/Custer with my dad later this year!
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    Starting judging at a local comp.
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    This isnt good bye, but youll be seeing a lot less of me hopefully. I look around at people staring at their phones and missing out on life and it makes me sick. It makes me sick when I should be playing with my child but im online reading about pressurized fermentation. Something has to give. So after considering getting a dumb phone i found out i can make my smart phone dumb. This is the path i am taking and disabling Safari will be part of it. Ill still have my tablet and desktop but my phone will be for phone purposes. Nothing that constantly distracts me. Wish me luck! https://lifehacker.com/how-i-turned-my-iphone-into-a-simple-distraction-free-1175739059
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    Youve been gone a long time. Dont you miss us? Rick misses you. He talks about you all the time. Last night he called me crying. Thats why i decided to write this public message to you. Come back man. If not for us, do it for rick. He promises he’ll try to be nicer.
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    I will be out of the office today 5/20 on a family trip. Please direct all questions and comments to my assistant @RickBeer
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    Me: look it wife, I ordered everything on this app for groceries this week. Wife: thats cool, where at? me: woodmans (the furthest store away with the most gigantic beer selection) wife: oh I see whats happening here me: (Smiling) what do you mean???
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    Finally getting to the point where South Dakota is emailing events that fall during the time ill be there. 22 days and counting. @Bonsai & Brew, here we come!
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    Fixing Less than Ideal Beer
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    Heres the extract beer i brewed last night. There is hip hop involved. Be warned Split Batch Hoppy Pale (E)
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    Great weekend! I was very proud that I have been able to create some really good beer. We went camping this weekend and I brought 3 of my brews along to enjoy while relaxing at the river. My brother in law asked if he could try one. Of course he could! After a bottle of Octoberfest and a bottle of American light, he decided that these were the best beers he'd ever tried! He asked if I would brew him a case! That made my whole weekend! It's great when you brew a batch that turns out really good. But then when someone asks you to make some for them, that really makes you feel good!
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    My wife informed me tonight that the bowling alley a few blocks away was renovated and they have grain belt on tap!!! Are you kidding me? My dad and I will be hitting that up asap
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    No fancy equipment needed
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    Couple brews coming up!
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    Alright guys. This is it. Maybe... last time im going to speak about my YouTube channel. I am uploading a video tonight, i have crazy amounts of other one in the works. Subscribe now, or you wont know what’s going on in my world. I feel like im Brewing on a higher level, doing crazy things i would never have tried even a year ago. I feel like a tool every time i post a video, so i wont do it anymore. Subscribe. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS-RdW-oAHZAGvqNrJQYuNQ
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    @MiniYoda what do you brew? 2 gallon batches? 5 gallon batches? All extract? Partial or AG? Have you ever done a BIAB? How big is your kettle?
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    Just bottled: Imperial Pilsner, Noche del Lobo Mexican Amber Fermenting: nothing yet - still too cold for the Smitten Bovine Conditioning: St. Brigid Blonde, Schwarzbier, Ludwig's Marzen Drinking: Peanut Butter Porter, Wild Wheat, Cowgirl Honey Blonde, Shade Tree Kolsch
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    If you want, you can put me down as a personal reference if you apply to a job. George (MiniYoda) Estes gvestes@yahoo.com 859.312.3339
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    Brew, or Brew Not. There is no try
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    I'll tell you why they cant, Mr. Hoppy. It's b/c no one is buying their $20 cans of BW, when you can get it from Target for $5. And that's the bottom line cuz Stone Cold said so!
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    check out target.com, 18.98 sale of the north American variety refill, CAL & Azteca cervesa
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    ok Creeps! kmart has their American lager and Canadian blonde on sale for $6.00 each, can't get too much cheaper than that!!!!
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    I was watching an episode of brew t.v. on youtube, a series by northern brewer. they were brewing a super hopped ipa all grain 5 gallon recipe using 19 ounces of hop varieties!!! and 22 lbs of grain, which is almost dble the grain bill! I can't imagine how that turned out???
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    was browsing, and saw 5 gal. freshly dumped bourbon barrels with stand on sale at Homebrewing.com, they're $99.00, seems kinda high, but many retail up to 180.00! it's identical to what I have, and to me worth every dollar!
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    Just tasting my second brew which is an ACL with honey. I cracked one open after 3 weeks of conditioning and I'm pretty happy with it. The carbonation is way better on this batch. I used a teaspoon of table sugar per 1/2 liter bottle rather than the drops this time. It still has a little of that "green apple" flavor that I'm thinking will condition out. Still a very drinkable honey lager.
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    northern brewer has their 3 all grain kits for 19.99 each sale for 48 hrs, I bought their last sale late last year, so I may skip this one, not a too bad of a deal
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    Thanks for liking image Josh R. It was as good as picture!!!
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    was on ebay earlier this morning, and Target is selling Bavarian Wiessbier for $5.68/ can, plus shipping and small tax, I got 4 cans for under $25.00! but limited quatities
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    was on ebay earlier this morning, and Target is selling Bavarian Wiessbier for $5.68/ can plus $4.00 shipping, but I got 4 cans free shipping, then theres a sales tax of about $2.00, still 4 cans for under $25.00!! limited quantities
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    Bavarian Weissbier sold by Target on ebay, $5.68/ can plus tax and shipping, I got four cans shipping was free after 2 cans order, and the tax was under 2 bucks! still the total I spent was 24.98 I think on 4 cans!!!! limited quantites
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    Ive had a few, so let me just ask. 311 the band? I grew up listening to that stuff. Music is such a good album. Started with the self titles album and left around Transitions, was that the name?
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    Glad to see another Wisconsin home Brewer. Cheers
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    Finally got uploading pics to work on my Iohone 6s+ Thanks MRB Josh B ??
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    that Helles Bock kicked the helles outta me! I let my buddy have the keg, and afterwards I checked my beer log, and I must have added 4 boosters! sometimes a little can be either just right or too much, but a whole lot is just darn crazy!! thanx for the photo likes
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    First time brewer and going to start the new year with my first batch of Diablo IPA tomorrow. Excited as "HELL"!!
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