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    This is my first beer brew, it tastes amazing. I could not have done it without the help form members here.
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    From the album: Brews

    When I brewed the Churchill's Nut Brown Ale a few months ago, I used some PB Brewer's Extract that my wife had picked up and added 5 ml of it to a few 1/2 liter bottles. This is a picture of one of them that fermented for 21 days, conditioned for about 35, and chilled for a few weeks. Came out really good; a nice dessert or sipping beer. I can't say I would've thought to try this had my wife not picked up the PB extract, but if you're a fan of PB or a darker ale/stout with a nut flavor to it, I'd say give this one a try. The PB flavor is pretty subtle; comes across more like hazelnut to me. Appearance wise, it was really nice -- dark, dark brown with a nice 1/2 inch tan head. Head dissipates a bit throughout but is always there, and this left a fair amount of lacing along the glass.
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    From the album: Brews

    This is the basic Bavarian weissbeer recipe with 5ml Pineapple extract added at bottling (16 oz). Excellent! Paired it with pineapple bbq chicken over jasmine rice. For the basic recipe, was really impressed with the head retention an this brew as well as the lacing left along the glass. So tasty. Great summer beer. I normally don't go for wheat beers but this is a recipe that I'm going to repeat sooner rather than later.
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    From the album: Bighead brewing

    Wife got a new camera so I get to have more stuff to,, besides I saw creeps had one of these fermenters,looked at the reviews on it and bam! I had to have it,gonna use this for my ocktoberfest partial mash being delivered next week sometime
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    From the album: Erics Latest Mistake

    Basically the Saison du Miele recipe with Robust LME and Saaz hops. A little bigger than the original but still with that Belgian taste. Very enjoyable.
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    From the album: Erics Latest Mistake

    Honor guard for a fallen comrade
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    From the album: Erics Latest Mistake

    My first bottle of the Chewbeerca recipe. Brewed 5/15, bottled 6/5. Tasty, but really looking forward to another month of maturing.
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    From the album: Why Brewing Co.

    Here is my Mad American (bottled 2/12). HOLY HELL! I MADE A GOOD BEER!!!! Okay. Here is my Mad American, mad scientist brew. HOLY HECK! A GOOD BEER! This tastes like an amber belgium tripel. A bit more hop character than a tripel, and the color is amber. There is still an alcohol bite. This could stand for another couple of weeks of conditioning, but as it stands it is really, legit good. I am totally happy with it and cannot wait to drink it when it conditions more. I have no idea what I did....but I will try to reverse engineer it one of these days. Awesome. Love it.
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    From the album: Czech Pilsner

    This is my 2nd batch of beer, Czech Pilsner, Delicious!
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    From the album: Brews

    How beautiful is this? This is the St. Patrick's Day Irish Stout Deluxe refill fermented for three weeks, conditioned for about 31 days, refrigerated for about 6 days. Pours a solid black with about an inch and a half tan head. Left a small amount of lacing along the glass as I finished it. Smell was sweet with hints of dark chocolate, roasted barley, and a faint raisin/licorice aroma. Taste was also slightly sweet with hints of chocolate, barley, and dark fruit. Very similar, imo, to the Winter Dark Ale (RIP) recipe Mr. Beer offered at one time, but I'd give the edge to the WDA since its flavor was a little more complex than this. The other slight complaint -- and this is just for me to take note of in the future -- is that this was pretty carbonated for a stout so it came across more like a dark ale. I usually use *slightly* less table sugar than is recommended from Mr. Beer when bottling. Next time I will use even less and see what happens. Otherwise, this is a VERY enjoyable substitute for a Guinness!
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    From the album: New fermenting chamber

    im gonna be very busy for some time
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    From the album: RIckBeer

    Mr. Beer at Niagara Falls, December 2015

    © RickBeer, 2015

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    From the album: First attempts

    Great flavor for how early it is. A slight residual sweetness decent mouth-feel. Excited to drink it on week 6.
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    From the album: 5+ gal brewing

    this double Scottish brown ale, has double the maris otter lme& malt grain with peated malt added. just racked into secondary Thursday, and sampled a little, AAAAHHHH! I should have made 10 gallons of this stuff!
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    From the album: Brews

    The standard St. Patrick's Irish Stout refill. Delicious here at about 11 weeks conditioned. Typical, robust irish stout.
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    From the album: Brews

    This is one of my favorite brews using Mr. Beer yet -- St. Patrick's stout basic refill, 1/2 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder, and one shot of french roast coffee -- it was good around 4 weeks conditioning but even better at 10 weeks which is what this picture is of. Just as good as anything along the same lines I've had from a craft brewery.
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    From the album: Misutabiru

    I probably scared away some of my Instagram followers with the caption "Proper technique for perving your beer" ?
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    From the album: Erics Latest Mistake

    I wrestled when I bottled this, as I had the orange peel and coriander loose in the keg. It kept clogging the nozzle but the first bottles of it have really been nice. I will definitely brew this again, though maybe with a hopsack.
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    From the album: Brews

    Enjoying the standard czech pilsner recipe on a sunny October afternoon. Not overly impressed with this brew, though it is a lot better after 6-7 weeks of conditioning than after 4-5.
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    From the album: Dear Beer

    My 2nd Batch using American Porter and infused with Jalapeno's. So Delicious!
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    From the album: Dear Beer

    Thank you Mr.Beer! This was my first batch and it was delicious. Can't wait to brew my next batch. Dear Beer.pdf
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    From the album: Brews

    This turned out to be a delicious little recipe using the basic CAL recipe. I was going for something a little hoppier so I added at flameout 2 oz of Centennial Hops w/ 1 lemon zest. I used US 04 yeast as well. Typical 3-4 week method and this is one fresh, refreshing beer! Pours a clear gold with a thin off-white head that remains throughout. Taste is crisp, hoppy, citrusy but not overwhelming -- really happy with the results. It was fine at 4 weeks, but I could tell a nice difference even at 5 1/2 weeks. Recommend not pouring every last drop in your glass as this one did have a fair amount of sediment in the first few bottles I opened. Having a BBQ this weekend and for the first time serving my home brew of this and Bewitched Amber Ale to guests.
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    From the album: Irish Stout

    My batch of Irish stout. Tastes roasted, almost like coffee, nice flavor.
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    From the album: Why Brewing Co.

    Bottling day for my Dortmunder Remixed. This is the Dortmunder Seasonal brewed with US-05, added a pale LME, Warrior, Saaz, and Williamette hops. I bottled a 12 pack glass and 5 plastic 750mls. The sample was not bad at all. A bit harsh. It needs to mellow out. As with all my brews...fermenting temps were a rough go. Going to condition this for at least six weeks. If I can hold out, I'll try to take it to eight. Cheers!
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    I got such a Goddamn good deal on these, I just had to post it. Thanks to Hoppysmile, who gave me the heads up for this on Ebay. All for only $17.
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    From the album: Why Brewing Co.

    Bottling the Kenneth Blonde Ale.
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    Check under the wet sink. Several cases of Canadian Blonde and a gluten free ale now conditioning in bottles.
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    From the album: i need to brew more than 5 gallons!

    first time bucket user, my usual primary fermenters are occupied, this Octoberfest/Marzen is my second and since my first attempt was so fabulous! last time i used the Wyeast octoberfest strain, this time i did a yeast starter with the White Labs version
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    From the album: Why Brewing Co.

    Sampler of my "mad scientist brew" during bottling. American Ale was the base....but this was in my younger days before I knew better and I just threw things in without really thinking. Still, the sample was actually quite good. Can't wait to see how this one turns out.
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