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    From the album: Bighead brewing

    Wife got a new camera so I get to have more stuff to,, besides I saw creeps had one of these fermenters,looked at the reviews on it and bam! I had to have it,gonna use this for my ocktoberfest partial mash being delivered next week sometime
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    From the album: Erics Latest Mistake

    Honor guard for a fallen comrade
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    From the album: RIckBeer

    Mr. Beer at Niagara Falls, December 2015

    © RickBeer, 2015

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    From the album: Misutabiru

    I probably scared away some of my Instagram followers with the caption "Proper technique for perving your beer" ?
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    From the album: Erics Latest Mistake

    I wrestled when I bottled this, as I had the orange peel and coriander loose in the keg. It kept clogging the nozzle but the first bottles of it have really been nice. I will definitely brew this again, though maybe with a hopsack.
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    From the album: Dear Beer

    My 2nd Batch using American Porter and infused with Jalapeno's. So Delicious!
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    From the album: Erics Latest Mistake

    ... and none of you sleep until I find out who peed on the floor! Turns out it was the Chewbeerca, so plenty of Belgian funk. Maybe I can blame it on the rabbit.
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    From the album: Brews

    This turned out to be a delicious little recipe using the basic CAL recipe. I was going for something a little hoppier so I added at flameout 2 oz of Centennial Hops w/ 1 lemon zest. I used US 04 yeast as well. Typical 3-4 week method and this is one fresh, refreshing beer! Pours a clear gold with a thin off-white head that remains throughout. Taste is crisp, hoppy, citrusy but not overwhelming -- really happy with the results. It was fine at 4 weeks, but I could tell a nice difference even at 5 1/2 weeks. Recommend not pouring every last drop in your glass as this one did have a fair amount of sediment in the first few bottles I opened. Having a BBQ this weekend and for the first time serving my home brew of this and Bewitched Amber Ale to guests.
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    From the album: Irish Stout

    My batch of Irish stout. Tastes roasted, almost like coffee, nice flavor.
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    Check under the wet sink. Several cases of Canadian Blonde and a gluten free ale now conditioning in bottles.
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    From the album: Why Brewing Co.

    MY SECOND BEER! This one conditioned four weeks. I had not sampled or anything for a comparison. There is absolutely no apple taste at all. Nice and smooth with a slight bitterness. Not sure if that is because it is an English Bitter or because I did something wrong....I thought I brewed this one straight, but now I am wondering if I did something stupid...so hard to remember! There is still a bit of earthy spice there that I think I recognize from my Butchered American. Another thing I am not sure of....did I use the same water for both? I know that for this one I did pitch the yeast too warm and I did not control fermentation temp properly. All that being said....I LOVE IT! Smooth.
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    From the album: Why Brewing Co.

    Sampler of my "mad scientist brew" during bottling. American Ale was the base....but this was in my younger days before I knew better and I just threw things in without really thinking. Still, the sample was actually quite good. Can't wait to see how this one turns out.
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    From the album: Brews

    So this is just the Czech Pilsner refill, but I added 1oz Hallertau hops at boil. I forgot to add the booster so the ABV % is not that high, but the extra hallartau hops did improve the taste in my opinion from the regular refill which I felt was underwhelming when I brewed it last year. Good head and lacing on it for a "standard" refill. Not my favorite, but not bad.
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    From the album: Brews

    One of my favorite Mr. Beer brews yet! Diablo IPA -- this one was conditioned for about 10 weeks. Pours a very dark brown with a reddish hue. 2" off white head that dissipates to a think layer but remains throughout. Aroma is hoppy. Taste is also hoppy and only slightly bitter. Delicious & easy to drink. Will definitely brew this one again.
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    From the album: Hoppy! Can't you see i'm broke!!

    Summerzeit Kolsch, Cream Ale, California Steam and a Farm House/Saison all in fermenters, Corn Mexican Cerveza bottled, and 9 mini kegs filled so far
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    From the album: Erics Latest Mistake

    The Shade Tree Kolsch was ready just in time to enjoy before the weather cooled.
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    From the album: Brews

    My wife used some of my Chocolate Stout (St. Patrick's Irish Stout brewed w/ half cup cocoa powder) to make this stout pie -- ground beef, carrots, pearl onions -- delicious.
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    From the album: Brews

    This year I tweaked the Mr. Beer Punkin Lager recipe a little bit by subbing pumpkin spice for mulling spices, adding 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon, and the zest of one orange. Did the standard 3-4 method, cold crashing for two days since last year a few of my Punkin Lager bottles were extra chunky. Tasted fine, just not the prettiest brew. This came out as expected -- a little spicier than the standard Punkin Lager recipe. The orange zest is VERY subtle -- perhaps if I do this one again, I'd do the zest of two oranges for a little extra kick. Otherwise, a perfect autumn brew. Even with cold crashing though, some of my bottles had some of the puree floating around -- not as bad as last year, but I suppose it just comes with the territory when making this recipe.
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    From the album: Erics Latest Mistake

    Turned out nicely, with a head that can stand above the glass, like a soufflé.
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    From the album: Bighead beer

    Antique Beer towers I scored for free!!!!!!!!! Awesome day!
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    From the album: Hoppy! Can't you see i'm broke!!

    nice to have something stirring this yeast so I can free up my other hand for a beer!!!
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    From the album: Why Brewing Co.

    The ESB Seasonal. Bottled on 1/23 This one is turning out really nice. I like it. No green apple taste. Still a bit of what I am calling an earth/spice taste. Not sure what it is. This is before I took good notes. Going on 8+ weeks now and I am convinced that waiting longer is the way to go because as it tastes now, I like it a lot. I am going to try and save a couple of bottles (eed to see what my count is at now.) so that I can compare to my Hopped ESB. But I am going to give that bad boy 8 weeks to condition as well. (Instead of the six I've planned.)
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    American Classic Deluxe after a couple of sips!
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    From the album: i need to brew more than 5 gallons!

    had planned to do 10 gallons this weekend, but just too hungover, so since i've got the smack pack ready to pitch, the Northwest Pale Ale will be brewed tonight
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    From the album: New fermenting chamber

    got a brand new refrigerator that i am use as a fermenting chamber. I have it hooked up to the stc 1000 controller and use a reptile ceramic heating bulb for a heat source. It is working out pretty good.
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    From the album: Yeast Farts

    Got my 10lb CO2 today!!!!!
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    From the album: Beer

    my first brew ever. turned out great!
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    From the album: My first Pilsner batch!

    Finally go the wort in the keg...has been in the brewing chamber for about 2days. ughhhh so impatient!
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    From the album: Brewery Photos

    Coopers Brewery reverse osmosis plant
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