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    With just a handful of us left on the forum, I thought it might be fun to come up with some wheat-based recipes for summer enjoyment. Who's with me?🍻
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    Ditto! I worked up a Specialty White IPA recipe today that might play nicely with the pink boots blend. Plus, I get to cereal-mash some wheat for the wit portion of the grain bill. This brew will count toward my Summer of Wheat too so win, win!
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    I agree -- your Witbier is excellent! You could try brewing a Berliner Weisse, Muenster Alt, or Hazy (Wheat) IPA and send me some of those too! http://allaboutbeer.com/article/dampfbier-gose-munster-altbier/
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    Got 6 oz Pink Boots hop blend from Yakima. $5+ a 2oz bag but free FEDEX 2 day ship. Anyone else trying those? It's for Charity. Making a medium strength IPA today. Opened up the hops, VERY aromatic. The 2020 Pink Boots Blend was chosen by more than 100 PBS members during the 2019 Great American Beer Festival. The blend consists of Azacca®, El Dorado®, Idaho Gem™ and Loral®, creating a blend with tropical, citrus and piney aromatic qualities. https://www.yakimachief.com/pink-boots-blend/ Pink Boots IPA#1 PM 35 mins at 155-165 4 oz 2 row, 4 oz carapils, 2 oz oatmeal(3/4 cup) + 1/4 cup cream of wheat. Boil Pink boot blend 0.5 oz for 7 - 10 min 36-48 IBUs. Boil PB blend 0.5 oz 1-2 min - 2-4 IBUs American Ale HME - 36 IBUs, 3.5% ABVx .25 lb Sparking Amber DME 1x 6oz Booster pack Ferment 14 days with S-05 yeast 1 oz PB ops dry hop 7 days. 5.8-6 % , 70 IBUs.
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    Not a fan of heavily wheated beers for some reason, best I can do is a Wit! However, I think I make a pretty decent one.
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    @Nickfixit, @Creeps McLane, @Bonsai & Brew. Although your hops packet is dated 2019 it is the 2020 blend. The 2019 is harvest year typically in Sept. I think and they get the blend together in Nov for release in January. I got that in an email from Wade at Yakima Hops, as I wanted to confirm since the blend changes each year. " Hi Bob, No worries! The only product that we currently have available on our website, is our most recent blend, which would be the Loral, Azacca, El Dorado, and Idaho Gem blend, which we refer to as our 2019 Blend (due to crop year of product used). With harvest happening in September every year, it takes just about 2-3 months to get that product aligned for the ideal blend, and then we normally release right at the start of the calendar year. In short, the blend varieties are harvested in ~September 2019, blended and pelletized in Oct/Nov 2019, and then ready for release ~Jan 2020."
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    I need to get onboard with you guys on that, will order today.
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    How many people here have brewed with the Pink Boots Blend? Me, @Nickfixit, and @Cato? Anyone else?
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    Smellin' Melon BJCP Style 1D (American Wheat Beer) 2-gallon mash-in-sack with batch sparge Rahr 6-row, 1.75 lb. Rahr Wheat (malted), 1.5 lb. CaraVienne, 0.19 lb. Golden Naked Oats, 0.13 lb. Motueka, 0.33 oz., 60 min. Huell Melon, 0.25 oz., 15 min. Huell Melon, 0.25 oz., 2 min. Huell Melon, 0.25 oz., Day 10 dry-hop Huell Melon, 0.25 oz., Day 14 dry-hop Safale US-05 OG 1.048 IBU 26 SRM 4
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    Im in, i ordered 8 oz of pink boots and 8 oz of the veterans blend. Figured just like my two boys, I cant pick favorites. I have so many hops. Like so many hops. Im almost my own LHBS at this point
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