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    Had a Pink Boots White IPA with supper -- half Belgian Witbier and half American IPA. I like it!
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    I used a 3 piece airlock for the first time recently on my Night Moves PA and it worked great. I hadn't cold crashed in sometime due to suckback from the blowoff jar. This time I did cold crash as I had a big dry hop and a bit of wheat in my recipe. The airlock did suck back a little of the vodka, but it was a miniscule amount and I left the airlock in place when i bottled and I was very pleased how that went as well. I would only go back to a blowoff jar if I maxed the fermenter capacity and expected some krausen overflow.
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    Citra Alt American style altbier?
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    And with that, brewing at Copper State with my Dad is scheduled! Super excited. Probably wont even hit me until im walking in.
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    @Bonsai & Brew I've become a big fan of Mangrove Jack especially their M44 West Coast yeast. Fermentis has always been reliable and I can't leave out Nottingham, which has always been a great performer.
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    I've had pretty good luck with them but have only ever used their 1007 for my Alts. My supplier sends them with a freeze pack. I had one dud that arrived warm but the others have been fine. I have 2 in the fridge now, both 1007 and will use one for an Alt and the other for a Wit.
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    Wow. I wish I could say glad it's not just me. Thing is, if I had to worry about a profit margin with my homebrewing, having to pitch backup yeast every other 2-gallon batch of beer would certainly blow it. Anyway, with a couple more Belgian-strain smack packs on order, I'm not ready to give up on Wyeast just yet. Thank goodness for Mangrove Jack's and Fermentis though.
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