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    Ordered Pilsen, Maris Otter, Carapils, Nottingham yeast, and 5 or 6 different hops. Falconers Flight for a LBK of Witches Flight with some PM tweaks, and then some Willamete, Fuggles, EKG, and Styrian Celia for my attempt at St. Austells Tribute Pale Ale. For some reason I ordered some Galaxy hops with no recipe in hand but will figure out something. After that I think I'll make a 4-5 gal batch of Altbier just to keep a better stock amount than what I brewed for the German Stein comp. Still pretty hot for the AG brewing in the garage but I'm going to have to just deal with it.
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    Yeah, I highly recommend some 2-row or 6-row for this recipe. Otherwise, the corn won't convert and it will result in starchy beer.
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    I remember thinking when this recipe first came out that I need to brew it. Since it appears to be a post-MRB Josh R recipe, I wonder if he might recommend mashing a little 6-row along with the flaked corn/carapils and fermenting cool with a California lager yeast rather than S-04. I guess the only to find out is to @JoshR.🍻
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    Yay - "Pinetop the Elevated Beer. …...You have to be high to get it" No - wait a minute - that does not sound right. lol.
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    old thread, but i say go for it! better beer awaits! hopefully the OP was convinced to upgrade 3 yrs ago....LOL
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    Next is he Pennsylvania Lager Mr B recipe after I bottle the Belgian Ale.
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    Thai Wheat up next, request by son-in-law 4 Gallon 4 lb Briess Organic 2-Row Malt 4 lb Rahr Red Wheat Malt 1 oz Sorachi Ace 2 oz Fresh Ginger 5 Kaffir Lime Leaves 2 Tablespoons Dried Lemongrass (makes 16 oz tea)
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    I remember that, but it had more to do with the ring on the cap that prevented bottles from tightening. This is a little different in that they are tight and carbonating. I’m just find my bottles in a puddle of beer with no sign of how or where it is coming from. I am going to keep watch and just throw away the empties after I drink the beer of course.
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    On a different note - did you notice that Mr B now includes TWO LMEs with the Deluxe refills?!!!!!!!!!!
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    nice, no thanks to me. you're the one doing it and making good beer. keep up the good work! i may copy your recipe....LOL
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    Created this to brew after Thai Wheat. 4 Gallon 4 lb 2-Row 2 lb White Wheat 1 lb Red Wheat 1 lb Caramel 20L 3 oz Citra-Cryo .5 oz Centennial Not using Carapils anymore, don't like what it does to the beer. Wheat & Crystal malts are used instead.
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    Are you holding out on us or will you be sharing those tips?
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    The last time I shipped beer, im guessing the hazys exploded. UPS notified me there was damage, discarded the exploded beers, and packaged up the ones that were still good and shipped them back to me. Also included was a report and several tips on how to safely package beer. Its 2019, i dont think they care anymore
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    My 2¢ -- I've brewed some nice 2-gallon stovetop mash-in-a-sack beers using 2-3 lbs. grain, starting with the Vienna Lager. The limiting factor at the moment is the size of my kettle, so I'm still adding 1 or 2 BrewMax LMEs or booster to get to OG. Mashing is fun, but then you find out how much you have to learn about hops and bittering once the HME training wheels are off! Good luck Anthony!
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    AC, My current brew pot is an 8 gallon turkey fryer pot. I am going to add a valve to it to make transfers easier but it is not necessary. My burner is the most expensive thing I had to add since I bought an Edemetal burner with legs. My mash tun is a 5 gallon Home Depot water cooler with a ball valve for draining. I use paint strainer bags to strain the grain rather than a braided hose, this makes grain disposal and cleanup much easier. I also batch sparge rather than fly sparge. With regard to the addition processes and hassle, the quality upgrade of the beer is worth every bit of it. If you are already doing steeping grains with your extract batches, the process changes are really not that bad. Mostly just a little more time. It used to take me 4 to 4.5 hours to complete a 5 gallon full boil extract batch and now it takes about 6 hours to do a 5 gallon all grain batch. The first few batches can be frustrating while you are working through all of your process changes from extract to AG, but I am now about 10 batches into AG and it is as second nature as extract brewing was before. Your brew pot is a 6 gallon pot that will be very useful to heat strike and sparge water. I was one that resisted the switch for a long time, but I am so glad that I pulled the trigger. I won't say never but I only keep enough extract on hand to make yeast starter wort. So in my opinion it is more than worth it to make the switch.
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    AC, First of all, my beers went from good to GREAT when I made the switch. Questions 1. How big of batches do you want to do? 2. How big is your brew pot? 3. How much wort can you bring to a boil? 4. Do you already have a propane burner? Answers here will help my answer
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