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    Ordered some grains and yeast today after finalizing my recipe for "Wiscohops." I ordered from MHBS this morning and they shipped this afternoon and will be delivered tomorrow afternoon! @Creeps McLane I did drop the wheat from my recipe and tweaked the hops and SRM in BS a tad. I know it's likely to be a bit or a lot different from "Hopulation", but that's okay. It'll still be a Pale Ale and a fun recipe.
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    I have the grains for a chocolate ale waiting, perhaps trying to squeeze in a brew day on Sunday. It's going to be a busy weekend, though. I first have to find time to transfer the oatmeal stout to the secondary because I want to dry bean some coffee. And I need the fermenter.
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    have a Community Yessir Pale Ale clone ready to brew. all the grains, hops...etc. I love the beer, and it's seasonal, so I can't get it right now, so I e-mailed the brewmaster and he e-mailed me right back! gave me everything except for the most important part, the hop schedule. having to guess on that. oh well, i will make beer! wish i had time to brew right now. damn work!
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    I just ordered all the grains for the second vienna lager fire brick clone. Last batch was may sweeter. I am using different yeast but i know its because of my mashing technique. I got er under control now, hopefully. Well see when i can sneak this beer in
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    My father returned from a bucket list European tour and was in the Czech Republic for a few days and brought home a few cans of beer. Little did I know that the Budweiser family is actually Czechoslovakian??? That is the very original family and so I have this can of Czech Budweiser
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    Hello I’m a newbie at fly fishing and star gazing. What wood be the best tyme to fish under the stars while influenced with lots of brewskies?
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    He'll answer you...in six months.
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    One of the greatest changes to the JTR was the one that allowed alcohol to be considered against your PCS weight allowance instead of as a much more controlled separate shipment. When we left Germany in 2009 we shipped a couple dozen cases of beer, 20 bottles of whiskey, several bottles of German liqueur from Ettal, and about 80 bottles of wine. All that's left is a few of the wines. The beer disappeared quickly... 😜
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    I still have an unopened bottle I brought back from Germany in 1998!
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    Next up yet another Pale Ale. "WiscoHop", which will be my winged version of Titletown Hopulation. My only clue is the hops they use. El Dorado, Mosaic, and Strata. 2 row, Munich, C40, and wheat. IBU shooting for 40 and ABV 5.7%. Might include a little bit of Briess aromatic malt, but still kicking that around. I haven't been dry hopping that much and whirlpooling my aroma additions, and that's likely the way I'll go with this one.
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    I went through my share of Budwar when I was in Germany. Good stuff.
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    From the "Beer of Kings" to our American version (brewed with rice) "The King of Beers" (NOT).
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    De Pere (east)- where i live Ashwaubenon- where the packers play Appleton- where i get @Jdubs alpha king thats my area! Dont go many other places. Good old Wisconsin
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    Hey @HoppySmile!, got anything interesting aging in that barrel of yours?
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    Finally after dozens of months and different attempts from recommended recipes to kits from various suppliers. Boulevard has a nice story spread of their brewing history and detailed capabilities on how they’ve achieved brewing great beers like one of my favorites, Tank 7! In the most current BYO magazine this year they’ve included two of their best sellers which one just so happens to be Tank 4!!!!! I’ll be posting it soon. My thoughts on many attempts to match the color were perhaps I should use Pilsner malt instead of the go to pale malt in the other recipes. The recipe in BYO is Pilsner malt so I’m pretty sure this should be a close match. I’ll post the Tank 22 recipe later this week after I consume the rest of the Tank 97 and all the other Tank 1 , Tank negative 3 and Tanked Up 990.
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    He just woke up from a drunken stupor.
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    Welcome back. Never thought I say this, MY GAWD IT'S GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU! Where and how have you been?
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    Holy s*it, a Hoppy appearance!!!
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