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    Not beer related but i just booked all the camp sites for my trip to the badlands/devils tower/Custer with my dad later this year!
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    Starting judging at a local comp.
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    Heres the extract beer i brewed last night. There is hip hop involved. Be warned Split Batch Hoppy Pale (E)
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    Great weekend! I was very proud that I have been able to create some really good beer. We went camping this weekend and I brought 3 of my brews along to enjoy while relaxing at the river. My brother in law asked if he could try one. Of course he could! After a bottle of Octoberfest and a bottle of American light, he decided that these were the best beers he'd ever tried! He asked if I would brew him a case! That made my whole weekend! It's great when you brew a batch that turns out really good. But then when someone asks you to make some for them, that really makes you feel good!
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    My wife informed me tonight that the bowling alley a few blocks away was renovated and they have grain belt on tap!!! Are you kidding me? My dad and I will be hitting that up asap
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    No fancy equipment needed
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    Couple brews coming up!
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    Alright guys. This is it. Maybe... last time im going to speak about my YouTube channel. I am uploading a video tonight, i have crazy amounts of other one in the works. Subscribe now, or you wont know what’s going on in my world. I feel like im Brewing on a higher level, doing crazy things i would never have tried even a year ago. I feel like a tool every time i post a video, so i wont do it anymore. Subscribe. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS-RdW-oAHZAGvqNrJQYuNQ
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