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  1. @sabres032 - Is this error still occurring for you?
  2. @Bonsai & Brew @Nickfixit If possible, can you screenshot the page element that is not working as expected for you? Could be that a hard refresh, either clearing the browser cookies or maybe a Ctrl + F5 would work as well. ~Josh B.
  3. @Creeps McLane Thank you for providing the screen shots here. Unfortunately I don't have any solutions at this time, but the issue may reside in how the iPhone might compress the images depending on where they are stored, such that our community is not sure what to make of it when uploaded. I apologize for the inconvenience trying to work through this. We'll keep this on the radar and see what we can determine to be the cause and if we can fix. In general, the vast majority of pictures upload without too much trouble, but on occasion we do find that some will not upload. A year ago there were also some issues uploading images, but it appeared to be due to the initial image upload failing (for any number of general reasons), and getting partially stuck in the server cache. When the same image was attempted to be uploaded again it would error out. The quick fix here typically was just saving the file under a new name and trying again. ~ Josh B
  4. @HoppySmile! @RIVER What errors were you receiving that you were unable to checkout?
  5. Thanks for reporting this @RickBeer Over the past 24 hours we've had some server issues, but I'll keep an eye on this. I would have to imagine it will resolve itself soon. Please let us know if you experience anything else out of the ordinary.
  6. Glad to hear it and sorry for the trouble again!
  7. @Nickfixit I believe this may be due to the old CSS that is cached in your browser mixing with our new layout. If you can try to do a hard refresh, Ctrl + F5, and let me know if that resolves the issue. While i'm not on Windows 7 here, IE 11.0.10240.17113 is working fine on my end. Apologies for the trouble, but we'll see if we can get this resolved! -Josh B.
  8. We have a few in the office, and they are pretty darn cool. Hands down better than the other systems currently out there.
  9. @Keith'sBrew - I'm sorry that you experienced issues with your order that you placed, though i'm glad that you were able to get it to work in the end. The system that the BOGO works off of is one that has been around for some time now for us, and we've experienced little issues with it in the past. With the recent site redesign, we have been keeping an eye on all our systems to insure that everything is still operating appropriately, and so i appreciate you letting us know that you did experience a hiccup. We'll look into it. @All - Thanks for sharing your experiences as well!
  10. @Bonsai & Brew We'll look into this. For anybody else having issues placing a review, please e-mail me at JoshB@MrBeer.com and we'll get it sorted out. -Josh B.
  11. We couldn't agree more @MichaelL! We'll look over Staggerback and adjust the reviews to reflect the proper recipes. Thanks!
  12. I would like to apologize for this inconvenience. Unfortunately, our hosting provider had to initiate an emergency migration over the weekend, and as such our site was down for a few hours. The Mr.Beer Community should not have been permanently affected by this action, though if anyone has any odd issues that have appeared over the weekend, please let me know right away. Thanks all!
  13. Josh B

    Thank You!

    Tim is quite the asset around here. Thanks for the kind words! Our CSR's work hard for you guys
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