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  1. Thank you for all your comments on here. To address a few: 1) Security concerns on Facebook are real so don't join if you are concerned at all. It OK. 2) Facebook is a totally different group than the forum here. There is no need to join if you prefer to be here. 3) Every business goes through staffing changes and we have had many people throughout the years. Our former brewmasters include Eric Green who started one of the best craft breweries in Arizona, Dragoon Brewery, Gene Sandoval started Blackrock Brewing, Pat Butler joined Dragoon Brewing, Sam Diggens joined Sentinel Brewing, and most recently we had Josh move up to Pinetop Brewing Co. Then we have others like Tim, Tyson and Renae that were here for a time and then were able to continue to grow themselves (millennials change jobs 4 times between 21 and 32 according to LinkedIn study). We continue to bring in new people with or without experience. Right now we have two current agents with over 25 years experience in brewing not counting the additional 65 years of experience with the other people in the office. 4) It may appear that Mr. Beer participation is lagging in the forum, but instead the amount of searches that go on just show that people are finding the answers that they need. Similar to what many of you have said, they dont go that next step and further participate. With almost a half a million posts, they will find their answer. We have had to adjust our way of communicating and now had more people participating in our support chat on our website more than anything else. This too could possibly take away from participation here. 5) The homebrewing business has changed drastically over the past decade. Interest grew dramatically up to 2012 then slowed, then in 2015 reverse and many people lost interest. The craft beer craze that we all enjoy has some to blame as we all can go to one of many close by craft breweries and enjoy what we once could only brew. 6) With more people working, there is less time to brew. There is almost a perfect correlation to the unemployment rate to the interest in "how to brew" google searches. Most businesses go through this cycle and it will come back around with more interest developing again in short order. When that does happen we will have this forum, Facebook, our site and continue to look at all options where people want to be contacted. This forum is not going anywhere soon. We will continue to upgrade and maintain. We will continue to engage when needed and point new brewers here to get their answers. Please continue to be the warm and engaging group that you all are.
  2. @zorak1066 I have always thought the same as you. Why? It actually makes the best financial sense for small time hackers. Small companies with few resources for large scale IT management have been shown to be most likely to pay a ransom. Now, we are owned by a larger company now, but still run like a small one. @Nickfixit Oh, it is most likely not a French person, but just running through their servers. We are still dealing with some issues today online, but we can now take orders at least. Thanks again.
  3. We are constantly under attack and just need to manage it. 20% of our traffic is using some attack vector. The most current attack was coming from France for some reason. We were able to work with our CDN and make the appropriate changes and it appears to be better as of 3:30 MST.
  4. We have been inundated with a DDOS attack this morning. It is affecting many parts of the site including strange order issues. It has been happening since 8am this morning and have made some strides on fixing it. Sorry for this, but know we are working as hard as we can.
  5. that root beer smell will be there forever. Never mix your rootbeer bottles with the beer. Keep them separate as it will affect the beer.
  6. Can I assume that this is in a corny keg? I think Creeps has got it right though, it does sound like you have simply over carbonated the beer. Saturation over time is the most reliable way, but it is just one of the ways. You chose one of the fast ways, but also one way that has the most potential for errors. This can easily be remedied though as Creeps said. Here are some simple things to do: Do NOT rack the beer into a different keg, it will not help and will oxidize the beer making it taste poorly. Do Not try to serve the overcarbonated beer at a lower serving pressure, it will continue to foam and then undercarbonate in the glass. Turn off the Co2 or detach the hose Pull the pressure relief valve repeatedly over time (as creeps mentioned) test frequently so that you do not go too far in relieving the pressure Reconnect your gas pressure line after achieving the proper level of carbonation factoring in your beer line restriction.
  7. It is not organic certified, but it is additive and preservative free sourced from farmers that have been in relationship with the Coopers Brewery for a hundred years. On the brewery side, their ale side of beers have been advertised as natural, additive and preservative free for many years in Australia. In order to make alcohol, you have to have sugars. Any cane sugar used is mainly for the carbonation process as it is quickly and completely used where other types of sugars are not. You could use something else in the carbonation process, but it may not give you the amount of carbonation you would like and give it different flavor. Not bad, just different.
  8. Mine would have to be Sumatra Stout. I have always liked the coffee flavored stouts.
  9. Novocaine was one of our Christmas party beers back in 2005. We liked it so much it became something that we sold. The rest if recipe history.
  10. You got it all wrong! I am not some tyrant sitting on a throne. I am more of a revered elder. (cough, gag) Sorry, I just spit my coffee all over my screen. A little bit of everything above is what happens. Sometimes they just happen and other times we really plan it. A couple of my favorite accidents were the original Sumatra Stout and Bengal Tiger IPA. Josh has ramped up the style a bit recently to make sure we are sticking to some sort of guideline, but sometimes just throwing something together creates something interesting.
  11. I may have to go with @MRB Josh R just to make sure he handles himself We'll see
  12. Hmmn, would be nice to do something here at HQ at some point. . . .
  13. Working out who will be coming from our side. Two people would be unfortunately small, but hey, more stuff for you two then right?
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