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  1. Im in Hillsdale, about 30 mins southwest of Jackson.
  2. The Cherry Wheat was like #4 out of my 50+ Batches, and I loved it. It did take a little longer to condition out with the use of both fruit AND booster, but it was tasty. I shared it with friends, and got positive feedback as well. Even had a friend offer to buy the stuff for a batch, as long as I give him half of the bottles.
  3. 17 batches ready to drink, 1 almost ready, and I bottle another today.
  4. "Jimjohson" post=344319 said:well with bottle priming you get inconsistant carbing could be you've just managed to open a flat one. 54 batches, and I've bottle primed them all... I've only had one batch that didn't carb right, and that was just because the room temp was too low. Put them in the right range, BINGO!
  5. I attempted this about 3 months ago. Turned out very good. I didn't use anything suggested on this thread, I read countless other message boards to figure out what I wanted to do. My "Stoned Henge" is a hit!
  6. "dogsnharleys" post=339345 said:+1 to nong pps 1/2 lb lactose and brown sugar instead of white. I bottled the other day could have drank the whole batch right out of the lbk. Thats the one I used is with brown sugar. Just bottled last night, and I could have drank more than my "sample".
  7. "ThrillBillyHill" post=336354 said:Thanks. Next week I am going to attempt to make a 5 gallon chocolate peanut butter stout using a partial grain malt extract. I have been pretty successful so far doing a partial grain malt extract with the Mr.Beer fermenter. I was only going to do 2 gallons but the company I ordered my PB2 from forgot to ship my order. They ended up doubling my order for their mistake. I did a PB Stout with a can of Mr Beer Stout, and a jar of PB2. After close to 4 months of conditioning, I really REALLY wish I would have thrown in another jar of PB2. 1 Jar for 2 gallons is hardly noticable.
  8. how would you go about crushing them? I have an herb grinder, but its basically like a tobacco grinder? lol
  9. I'm looking into ordering a few kits from Midwest Supplies, and was just wondering... How long can you have one of these sit before you brew it up? I'd have to have the grains crushed before they send it, and just figured I'd ask before I order 4-5 different ingredient kits. Also, what is the best way to store the kits until I use them?
  10. The information I sent you in a PM will also have Creamy Brown available under a different name sometime this year!
  11. Sticky Wicket is STILL available... Just under a different name. I just PM'ed you the details.
  12. I'm just going to buy this.. Wort Chiller for $59.99 http://www.midwestsupplies.com/review/product/list/id/3848/category/106/
  13. Weird. I have used the brown Dos Equis bottles before with my red baron hand capper, and I've never had any issues... I only used them a couple times though, before moving them from my collection because they didn't match all my other bottles lol.
  14. Hillsdale Michigan here... about 30-40 mins south west of Jackson.
  15. "evily" post=314114 said:If we had a nickel for every time someone asks "Is my beer ruined?", I think we'd all be able to invest in our own production-scale breweries. Oh, and welcome! :chug: We all can dream though, right? :gulp:
  16. "yankeedag" post=313927 said:use to do that... don't bother anymore... I drink the beer from a glass...not the bottle... even when I Keg. But y'all have fun. I did. 45 batches, and I'm still labeling... I get bored lol.
  17. Go to www.beerlabelizer.com, print them out on your printer, or take to staples... Cut them out, and use a glue stick to apply. You'll have labels like these.
  18. I currently have 7 LBKs, with another 2 gallon fermenter on the way. When I receive my tax return, I will be purchasing a 5 gallon kit. Then, I think I'm going to hand a couple LBKs out to some friends as a hint to start brewing. I know 7 LBKs is a little nuts, but when you work on the road, and you can't fit a LBK in your luggage, what else can you do when you're staying at a hotel with a kitchenette for 3-6 months at a time? You purchase a LBK, and have it sent to the hotel! :gulp:
  19. "yankeedag" post=309868 said:Got a simular thang here. My wife isn't much of a beer drinker. Likes the first sip or two of a cold beer.. but after that.. meh.. not so much. So I started making cider for her. She enjoys a glass with our evening meal...sometimes she'll even have a 2nd one. for a MB sized batch, try 6 tubes of Apple Juice concentrait (no preservitives) [walmart value apple juice concentrait works] 1 pound golden brown sugar 1 Tbs Pumpkin Pie spice 1/2 pound lactose powder (it will back sweeten and allow you to drink it after 3 months) That is a basic Nong Pumkin Pie Spice Cider that my wife really likes. bring the sugar, PPS, and lactose to a boil then cool. What about yeast? Whats the fermenting/conditioning times? I may have to try this.
  20. There is a whole skid of them at my local Wal-Mart marked down to $25. I'm going to watch them like a hawk lol
  21. Upload it for free without creating an account at www.tinypic.com Then, post the link here.
  22. http://community.mrbeer.com/forum/18-advanced-brewing-techniques/122325-how-to-batch-prime-with-mr-beer-keg
  23. "Brian1179" post=302101 said:i have used both cane sugar and Priming(corn) sugar and to be honest, i have not noticed ANY difference between them. to me it is a personal preference. now, when i used honey to prime, to me there is a difference, because i can taste the cidery influnce of the the honey. so i went back to cane sugar. here in riverside CA, corn sugar is cheaper than cane sugar so i use it all the time now. :cheers: I've been there! Ive been to California MANY times since 2007. I head out that way to work Initiative Petitions lol
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