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  1. The same with me. I am a little worried too. I have it inside a cooler and when I open it the sulfur smell is there, but there is almost no acitivity.
  2. I agree in the combination of HME, UME and booster. Besides the seasonals, those are the best best Mr Beer recipes that I made.
  3. Does somebody have the Qbrew information for the new seasonal?
  4. I never hit my OG or my FG. But I am never very far.
  5. I have never cold crashed my beer. I don't think is necessary in my opinion.
  6. American Devil IPA is my favorite Mr Beer HME. You are going to enjoy it.
  7. I always had that same aroma and flavor. But on my last batch I fermented in the low 60's, instead of the high 60's, as I always did. I tasted while bottling and didn't get the flavor or aroma. Maybe that has something to do.
  8. Mine is carbonating but I tasted while bottling and like it a lot.
  9. Madmax02 wrote: Is it a good idea to use 2 hme's and a booster??? If I do would I have to use both packets of yeast??? Appreciate the help.... The best Mr Beer beers that I have made have been with 2 HME and one bag of booster. I like hoppy beers, so I prefer 2 HMEs than 1 HME and 1 UME. And yes, use both packets of yeast.
  10. Mine was 1.056 too. I don't rembember the final gravity, but I think it was 1.016
  11. I left if in the fermenter for three weeks. Hydrometer readings agreed with that.
  12. I did the same this weekend. Tried one after two weeks of carbonating. I agree, it is good and I expect it to be better after a couple weeks of conditioning.
  13. I agree that the standard refills lack flavor. Try premium or delux refills, you will notice the difference. Also, I find the Cowboy Golden Lager not as flavorful as other HMEs, like the Octoberfest Vienna Lager or the Red Ale.
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