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  1. Hello All, I plan to brew a five gallon batch of wheat beer from Muntons hopped wheat extract, and 3lbs of wheat LME. Question is what grain should i steep and how many pounds. Thanks for your attention. TonyK
  2. im sorry, I forgot to mention this is for a 6 gallon batch
  3. Hello All, I just received as a gift. A 3.75lb can of Coopers Real Ale extract. Question is this, how much light DME should I use to produce a nice drinkable brew. Thanks for your attention. Regards, TonyK
  4. Originally from Hollidaysburg, just outside of Altoona. Blair County. Now living in Maryland. But have many nice memories of Pa. Thanks for your attention. TonyK
  5. Hello All, I have a friend who is of the opinion that good beer can be produced from extract, if the hops rather than the malt extract are boiled. He brews five gallon batches the following way. He brings one gallon of water to a boil than adds the flavoring hops, 20 minutes later he adds the aroma hops for the final ten minutes of the boil for a total of 30 minutes. He then takes pot off stove and adds liquid extract and DME, he stirs well. Then pours into fermenter. tops up with cold water to the five gallon mark. Checks temp, then pitches yeast. Then ferments and bottles in the usual manner. I would appreciate your input before I try this method. Thanks for your attention. Happy Thanksgiving, TonyK
  6. Have any of you brewers tried the Coopers Kits? They are said to produce six gallon batches. My local brewing supply store has just started to stock this line of kits. Thanks for your attention. TonyK
  7. I use distilled water with starsan. I have reused it through three or sometimes four brewings. Thanks for your attention. TonyK
  8. Another querry. Using mostly MRB extracts for brewing. Do any of you feel that racking to a secondary is worth the extra effort. I understand that this procedure may clarify the finished product a bit. But most of my batches fine with me using only the single fermenter. Once again thanks for your attention. TonyK
  9. Have any of you fellow brewers ever tried to brew in a turkey fryer. I noticed a set up at Sams Club for appx $70. Seems to me that this might be a good answer to 5 gallon boils. Thanks for your attention. TonyK
  10. Rolling Rock, brewery in western Pa. used to bottle in small bottles. (Pony Bottles) I believe they contained about 8oz. I dont know if they still use these still small bottles for their product. Thanks for your attention. TonyK
  11. Never had a problem with taste after using star san. Thanks for your attention. TonyK
  12. I have used Star San for last two years with no problems. Thanks for your attention. TonyK
  13. I have used the MRB PET 1 Litre bottles for almost three years.They have served me well. I have changed the caps after 2 years usage. Thanks for your attention. TonyK
  14. Hello All, Do any of you who brew, have an opinion on the cost of brewing with MRB products. As opposed to the 5 gallon kits as offered by several home brew stores. Question is as follows which of these two avenues is the less expensive. I might add, that personally, I am a MRB fan and not likely to change. I pose the question only out of curiosity. Thanks for your attention. TonyK
  15. Hi Sham, Im happy to say I have had no problems with condensation. The freezer in question is an old sears upright which is located in my garage. We live in central Maryland and it has been extra hot lately. I suspect that garage temp has often been in upper 80s to low 90s. I have been using this arrangement for over two years with no problems. Thanks for your attention.
  16. When I started brewing with MRB. I used spring water exclusively. then one evening I didnt feel like running out to the store for bottle water. I broke down and used water from the kitchen tap. The net result was that I could taste no difference. Since that time I have used tap water with no bad results. Thanks for your attention. TonyK
  17. For the last several years. I have used an upright freeze, equipped with a Johnson controller for beer storage and cold conditioning. This arrangement continues to serve me well. Thanks for your attention. TonyK
  18. Hello All, I have been brewing with MRB for a couple of years now. Im thinking about trying a 5gallon extract kit. Most of the instructions I have read indicate that you should start with a 2-1/2 gallon wort boil, then add the remaining 2-1/2 gallons of water to the fermenter at the completion of the boil. My question is this could not the same result be achieved with a 1-1/2 gallon wort boil. Then add 3-1/2 gallons of water to the wort in the fermenter. Thank you for your attention. TonyK
  19. Congratulations Dave, in my opinion the brewer award was well deserved. Speaking for myself, I have on several occasions benefited from your insights, and advice. Please keep up the posting I feel sure that your post are helping many of we who brew. TonyK
  20. I have used cheese cloth several times. A large packed of the cloth iswing available at Walmart sewing dept.
  21. Hello All, My son informed me that for Fathers Day, he had ordered a Northern Brewer Extract Kit as a gift. Turns out it is a five gallon kit. Has anyone had any experience at breaking down a 5 gallon kit to use with MB equipment.? Thanks for your attention. TonyK
  22. I rinse my PET bottles in hot tap water as soon as possible after they empty, this is a through rinse several times with very hot tap water. Then on bottling day, I use star san for another quick rinse. So far I have bottled over 130 batches with no negative results. Thanks for your attention. TonyK
  23. Welcome to the obsession and the borg. Glad to see you Clyde. Thanks for y0ur attention. Old TonyK
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