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  1. UPS never leaves stuff at my door but I prefer it that way since I live on one of the busiest corners in Chicago.
  2. I've got a couple of cats that have expressed an interest in trying your next brew.....:laugh:
  3. CVS during the holidays..... Target on the "Interweb" year round....
  4. Has anyone tried it? Is it similar to anything MB has?
  5. Can you "harvest" dry yeast after brewing a batch?
  6. My issue is that I don't drink it fast enough....the bottom shelf of my fridge is full.....
  7. I was going to let it carbonate for 2 and then condition for 2.
  8. :blush: Yikes! I've been really busy at work and have been putting off bottling my Basic Brown until I realized that it had been fermenting for six weeks! Hope I didn't screw it up!
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