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  1. and it's the only good thing he done.
  2. As mentioned before, as long as the cans aren't bulging, or there are other signs of "oopsy", you can use it. The yeast is the first to go. However, you said it worked, so there you go. As for adding 1.5 cups sugar... um... er... yeah, you might want to let the Bottled product sit for at least 2 months at room temp. There is going to be a cider taste to it. Go read that simple guide line. Information all over the place.
  3. True. The Alcohol % will go up. But then, so will the cider taste. It will take a lot longer to mellow out. If you're going to do it that way, hey, save the booster and honey, and when you just go to drink the beer, add a shot of Vodka. That works as well. I know it's "old", but I do suggest you go read The Simple Guide Line.
  4. Do you have a hydrometer? Sometimes you'll have a minor stuck fermentation. It's possible that the yeast kicked back into action.
  5. the only thing I could add is... make sure they have glasses capable of holding the 16oz of beer.
  6. No need to feel like an idiot rudy. we know a lot of stuff... but not everything.
  7. you might find a few answers to the goings on in "The Simple Guide Line". Just saying...
  8. did you pop the cap off the top (provided it's built that way) and see if you could tighten it?
  9. Nothing to really worry about. You get some trub with bottle carbing. It just means the yeast is still active and doing it's job. Let it sit for the suggested 4 weeks at the room temp, and there you have it. Pour gentle...
  10. That would depend on what type of "wild" yeast you have in your area. The dominant strain where I use to live was UGLY.
  11. We looked at those when they first came out. Too friggin expensive.
  12. I only tried to use sugar to carb the ciders, and soon gave that up. No help here. Never tried to use FAC to carb the cider. Time to measure and record (keep records) and see how it goes.
  13. Just another testament for waiting for the beer to condition.
  14. if there is a question in your mind if a bottle "might" be ok, it's best to toss it. apply the KISS principle. As far as Hard Cider Bottles... um, never bought, or used one. For a long time, a friend gave me empty 8oz coke bottles and they worked great. Cider isn't light sensitive.(no hops). Went back and read your post again. You wanted to use the cider bottles for beer. May I suggest you stick with the Sam Addams?
  15. if you turn it into a jocky box, just fix it so all the connections are on the outside. then it shouldn't be a problem. open the lid, drop in the Ice, close the lid. drink beer.
  16. ok, that's 2 problems... Yeasty: the beer is still young. time will mellow that out. Metallic: did you use unprotected metal to do your wert? Did you use a spoon? what condition is your boiling pot in? Was the Malt stored correctly?
  17. I'm surprised you weren't told how to WASH YEAST. If your using a lot of the same yeast, look into washing it, and then, when you do bigger batches, there you have it. Washing yeast is very simple, and needs very little equipment. each batch will produce enough for more batches.
  18. I have a wing capper. I've used the wing capper. I now have a Bench capper. I like that better. But to your question: Can you use the wing capper and the caps on screw top bottles. It would be a waist of time and effort. Toss the screw tops. The only screw tops you should use is PET bottles. All others are just a problem in waiting. Odds are, you will break several in your effort to cap. You will NOT be guaranteed a proper seal.
  19. take notes and post your results.
  20. the extra DME and HONEY has added more fermentables. The cider-ish smell may be from the high sugar content from the honey. You'll need to let it age a little longer as well so that the yeast can help resolve that issue. Additionally, that High Temp you hit isn't helping as well. That will also cause you to need to allow it to sit in the bottle a wee bit longer to age out. Other than that, it should be fine.
  21. You can kiss that Honey good by... the yeast will eat it all. Because of the Honey, you will need to let that brew sit in the bottle a wee bit longer. If you drink it too soon (earlier than 6 weeks once bottled) you may find it extra Tart from the honey. It should mellow out after about 6 or so weeks. Your taste buds will tell you when it's ready. YMMV. I played with Honey a lot.
  22. You'll find that the temp will sorta average out. 64*F works as well. I typically hold mine there for my brews but you can also use that ice chest, just put some soda bottles with hot water in there to adjust the temp
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