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  1. I have not been on the forum in quite sometime so I apologize. As I am sure this has been brought up before. I just doin't feel like trying to search the next 4 hours away finding the thread. I previously made the jump from extract to all-grain. My first all grain batch was horrible and I know why. I am wondering how much malt should be used in a typical 5 gallon batch. I heard 3 pounds per gallon which is what i tried. I was just wondering what you guys thought. On a brighter note one of the main resons i havent been on is I landed my dream job I am now a brewer for Samuel Adams and working like crazy. however the comparison to our brews to a 5 gallon batch are just a bit different hahaha
  2. hey craigger. I use corriander in the candian ale that i make. My LHB sells corriander seeds in 1oz packets I have used that each time in the mulsin sack while the boil takes place and i have found that it has a subtle corriander taste after the 2-2-2
  3. well guys the beer is brewed and i def like doing the steeping process makes you feel more involved and you can get more creative i felt. So here is what i used 1/2 lb of victory malt 1oz hallertau pellet hops 1 1/2 tsp cinnamon (every beer i brew gets this i love the taste is gives to my beers) 1 standard blonde ale kit i have a feeling i will be building myself a mash tun
  4. no i was just going to use the extra standard refill kit i have laying around and just put some extra malt and extra hops i got.
  5. so tom is the big day im gonna try and do the small mash in brewpot and just try and regulate the temp from the stove somehow strain it out and then boil it. when i boil the water with out the malt is that then when i add my sugars and malt extract like your typical kit. PS. after reading these posts i realize that i know nothing about beer compared to some of you guys lol. I obviuosly need to kick up the obsession and start reading and downloading artcles like crazy. Thanks everyone for the help
  6. thanks guys for all the advice and no i haven't steeped anything before its gonna be a first try for me. i appreciate all the help thought CHEERS
  7. all i know is that its milled toasted victory malt.
  8. I have gotten a hook up through a friend who works at a local brewery with hops and malts so i figured i would make the jump from throwing some adjuncts into a kit and start making the kits with added hops and malt. I was wondering if any of you guys doing anything different than steep your malt and then add it later or do you boil it right along with your hops just looking for some pointers so this beer doesn't become a total bust. CHEERS
  9. Hey guys I just brewed an apple pie wheat that i call 38 Special. I was absolutley amazing so i figured i would let ya guys know what I did in case any one wants to try it. Obviously start with the wheat refill. I cut up and pureed 5 granny smith apples and then used 1 1/2 tsps of apple pie spice. At first you get the surness of the granny smith and then it finishes with a pie flavoring its amazing and the entire famly is loving this beer CHEERS
  10. my wife is from manheim so we frequent that area alot. gotta love going to bube's brewery
  11. a bunch my friends go up to potter to go hunting.
  12. Was wondering how many of you guys are in PA. Im in slatington
  13. so from all the advice i have come to the conclusion that the beer had not finished fermenting as i ha though it did. each bottle got excatly the same amount of sugar due to the mr beer sugar thing-a-majig. looks like i should have let it sit for a while. however i am happy to report that so far only 6 have exploded nothing like coming home from working night shift to have to clean up glass instead of going to bed. o well lesson learned. all of my beer will now sit a week longer than i normally let it sit. thanks guys for all the advice i really appreciate it
  14. Hey guys i know this is a problem that has plagued us at some point or another. I think i have ever only had 6 bottles blow up on me in about 4 years I have been very fortunate till now lol. I made a standard vinna lage kit i added 1cup brown sugar 2 tsp of vanilla and about 2 tbsps of cinnamon. I have made this before without the vanilla. I bottled them no problemm. put my vinyl labels on them. put them back down in the brewery and i have now had 6 bottles explode. When i saw explode i mean the biggest peice i have found was about the size od a quarter. I can't figure it out please help. I'm not sure if some how it got shook up to much if thats even possible. just trying to figure out why this happen so i can prevent it next time i make this recipie. CHEERS
  15. hey guys thanks for the info i figured that it woul throw off the malt to adjunct ratio but i just wanted to make sure i wasn't telling him anything wrong. I will def pass all the info along and thanks guys. its a good time of the year i finally have all 10 fermenters goin and lovin it
  16. Hey guys a buddy of mine just ordered a MB kit and he asked me if i knew if you would be able to use 2 packs of booster in a standard kit. I never tried and was wondering if it was possible or if it could some how hurt the beer he's going to try. Just don't want him to brew something and have it come out bad and not brew anymore thanks guys CHEERS
  17. When I clean out my bottles i use hot water soap and abottle brush scrub and shake em up rinse em and they should be clean. For sanitizing I use One Step. I throw some one step in a gallon jug fill with hot water pour it into the bottles shake each bottle let them sit for like 5-10 minutes pour it out and begin bottling
  18. i did try sam adams smoked beer and lved it i also liked ft collins smoked beer called Z. Thanks though i will dig around for it
  19. I want to try a smoked beer with the liquid smoke additive. sinc i have never tried one of these was wondering what kind of base you guys have used and how did it turn out. thanks alot guys CHEERS
  20. thanks for all the advice guys. this does sound really weird however i'm thinking im probally gonna go with adding the herbs used in pickle making instead of the origianl pickle juice. I will probally try one or 2 and give the rest to my buddy as to me it sounds gross however interesting CHEERS BOYS
  21. Hey guys one of my buddies who's obsessed with pickles asked me if there was any pickle beers out there or if it was possibel to make a pickle beer with pickle juice. It got me thinking of trying it my only concern is that the salt in the juice my disrupt the yeast during fermentation. I wanna make a case for him so he can try it cause it sounds disgusting to me lol. Does anyone have any kind of take of how to go about it. I was thinking just straight up pickle juice from the jar
  22. i know with my strawberry wheat i put in one cup brown sugar and that boost it about 1% abv and doesn't take away from the subtly strawberry taste. it also isn't to over bearing
  23. the trick is using real fruit. use 1lb of fresh fruit for every 2 gallons if using 5 gal fermemnters and not the mb keg. I have brewed a blueberry which had a tinge of blue to it and strawberry wheat that is a tinge of red. im actually brewing a raspberry here next week and all i do anytime making a fruit beer is just puree 1 lb and dump it in right after you put your wort into your fermenter.
  24. I ahve found that me my wife family and friends absolutely love my strawberry wheat, and pumpkin pie ale. all year round we brew wheats like crazy then in the winter we only brew octoberfests style
  25. ok thanks yankeedag oly what do you do to to make ur 2.75 batch just buy an extra can of extract? or do u water it down eeeeeek?
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