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  1. yea that sounds interesting let me know more of the details
  2. I am all about the Olive Oil it works, I now use it every time Just a tip of the toothpick and no more then that
  3. yea that's all I did you can follow the link in the above post
  4. congrat's on your Brew It'ss all dowmhill from here the only thing is the last one out of the batch is the best one.
  5. ok I want one I love to make Stout I am Jealous
  6. Go for it it is a great brew I have made it 3 times and it was great all three times here is a pic
  7. A very hoppy stout for me helps me to go nite nite
  8. Looks good bet it was great going down thanks for the update
  9. I use a bar cleaner that I get a the local homebrew shop
  10. Hey if that what it takes I dont go that far but you got to make sure things are clean that way all your work DONT go down the drain
  11. yea the bladder's are a concern they are 3.50 a pop maybe cheaper if you search around but I think they will be always around
  12. I made mine in a old AW root beer jug it was amber in color and turned out fine
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