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  1. Personally for the Pilsner I would go with the Amarillo that is what is in the MrB Czech Bohemian pilsner mix. But you can't really go wrong with the hallertau if you want to make a traditional pils.
  2. The fridge should work great for conditioning the beer.
  3. I personally would ferment it for two weeks (if making a traditional lager/pilsner). Then carbonate for two to four weeks at room temp and then condition it in as cold temps as possible. I have fermented this yeast at 50 degrees and at 62 degrees. It works very fast and should reach final gravity within two weeks. I have also conditioned at 70 degrees and at 40 degrees for two months. Personally I like it better when it is conditioned at the colder temp.
  4. Here was my recipe for a good black lager/schwarzbier two cans of Octoberfest 1 cup of honey 1/2 oz of saaz hops boiled 20 min s23 lager yeast 1/2 pound of carapils steeped for 30 min I pitched the yeast at 50 degrees and fermented it there for 2 weeks. I conditioned it 4 months. It was a great beer. I am currently drinking this one, but I would consider it to be more of munich dunkel, it is really really dark in color. 1 can of Octoberferst 1 can of Creamy Brown 1 cup of honey W34 lager yeast fermented at 50 degrees for two weeks and it has been conditioning at 34 degrees for the past two months. It is a really good beer, but not as smooth as the first recipe.
  5. When I have brewed Maibocks in the past I have used this yeast. It produces a nuetral taste at 50 degrees and will start to produce fruity flavors above 60 degrees. Personally when I brew lagers I ferment them at 50 degrees until they reach final gravity. I then bottle and leave the beer at room temp for two to four weeks. If it is in the winter I will condition them in the garage where it is 35 degrees for at a minimum of two months. If you have the oppurtunity to steep some crystal 10L malt with this recipe the beer turns out even better.
  6. Two suggestions I have is to make a starter for the yeast, and make sure to pitch the yeast into the wort when the temps are at 50 degrees. Even with a starter the liquid lager yeast can be slow to begin fermentation.
  7. It has been my experience that liquid yeast takes longer to start then dry yeast. I have used the American hefe yeast before and it was a noticably slow starter compared to the fermentis hefe yeast.
  8. I have had this avatar for over two years now. Plus the avatar is from a movie, which is a lot diferent then some of the others that people have asked to have removed.
  9. Every year on New Years day I brew something unique and last year the brew I made was similar to yours. It was 1 can Whispering wheat 1 can golden wheat 1 can west coast pale ale 1 can pale export I boiled once oz of cluster hops for 20 min and then add another oz at day 5. I used the US05 yeast and bottled on day 21, and let it condition at 65 degrees until labor day. It was an awesome beer.
  10. A diacytel rest is a two day period where you bring the beer up to room temp before bottling. You should read this website before brewing your lager, it will teach you more then you wanted to know. http://www.howtobrew.com/section1/chapter10.html
  11. One other thing, make sure to pitch the hole vial to get your yeast counts up and to start fermentation as quickly as possible.
  12. I have used this yeast many times. The best thing to do is to activate the yeast and cool the wort down to 50-60 degrees and pitch the yeast, then cool the yeast down to 50 degrees as quickly as possible. The yeast is a slow fermentor so be prepared to not see much activity for the first 2-5 days, though you should see a layer of white sediment well before you see foam on the top of the keg. Also don't be surprised if this yeast takes three weeks for the beer to reach final gravity. I would keep the beer fermenting at 50 degrees the hole time for best results. Also do a two day diacytel rest for the last two days before bottling to clear any off flavors.
  13. Personally I like LME better then DME. I did a long boil with 3lbs of DME on Saturday and I spent a good 15 minutes just trying to get the clumps out. It was a pain in the butt, when I use LME I just pour it and forget about it. I also have diferent plastic storage containers with measurement markings so I have all of my measurements working out and how it affects my gravities, etc.
  14. My three favorite are Saaz, Cluster, and Amarillo hops. I had a really interesting beer this weekend called Hopfenmaltz by Schells brewery. It has the hop flavor of cascades and tettnang traditional lager. It was a really good combination of hop flavors.
  15. I personally am planning on makeing the czech pilsner next month with amarillo hops next month with one cup of honey. I am going to us the S23 lager yeast and ferment it at 50 degrees, and then carbonate for two weeks and condition it for four to eight weeks.
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