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  1. When I bottled the beer I ended up with a half bottle. So I decided the other day to chill it. I opened it later that evening. It had a fantastic thick creamy head that was long lasting. I thought it tasted wonderful. But since this is the first time I made this beer. I can only assume it is tasting like it should. I put the rest in the beer cooler yesterday. I'm going to open another one later today and see if it is as good as the one the other day. Keep your fingers crossed.
  2. Our water is Chloroinated. Sometime to well I think. Today makes a week since I bottled the beer. The bottles are quiet hard. So atleast it is carbonating. But this doesn't gurantee that it will taste good. I'm goint to let it sit and carb for abother week. And then but it in the beer cooler and let is cold condition for a week or two.
  3. Well here's what I ended up doing. I always rinse my bottles well as soon as I'm done drinking the beer. I also store them with the lids on them. So I filled them with just plain hot water and let them sit for about 15 minutes, rinsed them several more times & bottled the beer. I guess in a few weeks I'll find out. If not. I'm not out nothing since this was the beer I won during the contest a few months ago.
  4. What will it change. It will give the order time to get here. When I order from Mr Beer. I can expect an order to take atleast 5 bysiness days to get to me. If I would have ordered yesterday (Wed). The order probably would not reach me until the next Tuesday. And secondly I am not going to place an order for just sanatizer.
  5. Well it's the American Devil IPA that is in the fermenter. This Sat will be 2 weeks. I looked yesterday and there apears to be quiet a bit of foam on the surface. 'm sure others have brewed this beer. How long did you leave it in the keg? I do have glass bottles. But no capper or caps. And I hate to order just sanatizer. Decisions, decisions.
  6. I have a batch of beer in the keg now. Should be ready to botle this weekend. I got to checking and discovered that I am out of sanatizer. Is there something I can use to sanatize my bottles? Seems like I read you can use bleech, so many drops to a gallon of water?
  7. I must agree. You want a prety constant temperature. Expecially when you are fermenting your beer and also during conditioning.
  8. Drinking from the bottle is also unsanitary. Especially if you use plastic bottles.
  9. Summing it up: I use the 1 liter plastic bottles. I normally consume a whole one at a time anyway.:side: As for using plastic soda bottles. I've personally never used them. Just make sure you use plastic soda bottles and not water bottles. Water bottle are made from thinner plastic and may bust during the carbing process do to the hi pressure. As stated. Use dark plastic if possible. As for reusing glass beer bottles. They must be either crown top bottles or swing top. Twist off like budweiser uses is a no no.
  10. I'm sorry. But I have to ask. If you cleaned and sanatized the keg. How in the heck could you have not noticed the keg was damaged before you poured the wort in it? To many beers before you started???? :side:
  11. If you've done everything to it that you said you've done. Use it and forget about it.
  12. I have some beers that have been in the fridge for well goin on 2 months. They taste better every time I drink one. So just like good wine. The longer it ages the better it tastes.
  13. The only time I ever smell anything when I make beer is when I pour the cans of mix into the boiling water. Once it's in the keg. I have never smelled anything. You may get a little aroma when you are botteling.
  14. I've never noticed any condensation at the tops of my bottels when carbing. Are you carbing in a location different to where the beer fermented? Remember, you should carb at the same temp you ferment.
  15. Anthony

    Pale Ale

    I happen to like the WCPA also. Doesn't taste half bad if you mix it with Whispering Wheat either.
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