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  1. I fermented a batch of 1776 Ale, recipe, 20 days ago it still has about 1/8th inch of yeast particles (krausen) on it, and I plan on letting it ferment another week. The reason for this is I added an additional soft pack of LME, and 1/2 cup of honey. This morning I noticed it had begin to form the usual receding oval shaped island on top.
  2. I put 1/2 cup of honey in a double Patriot Lager Ale, and it boiled over. that was a mistake. I also used 2 packs of UTL yeast.
  3. Currently I'm drinking Powerful Patriot Ale, it has more body, more alcohol, and is a little stronger. I have other double HME's fermenting. I like it and I plan on experimenting with more.
  4. I've brewed several recipes since last October, I'm now drinking my first Powerful Patriot lager ale , brewed by the book, and it is real good, a little extra bitter, but good. Using Patriot Lager ale HME, I fermented 2 batches using 2 cans of Patriot lager ale in each, plus some hops, to see if it will be as good as the Powerful Patriot lager ale. If it is then I will make more.
  5. Endless Lager, More Lager, or Cooper's Lager
  6. The 2 for 1 PL that I received had 13 Nov 2015 date on the bottom of the can, I bought several, they all have the same date. On the 20 percent sale I received I can of CAL with15 Oct 2014.
  7. Thinks Rick and Gopher for the information, I have never used honey, but I will try it in my next 4 recipe batches, to see what it is like.
  8. On Deluxe Patriots Pride Ale I'm using Liberty hops, as in the MrBeer instructions, and on the Jamaica Mon I will use Cascade, this will be batch # 395. Just try it and see if it works.
  9. I've had no bottle bombs, and I do have fine beer.
  10. After I add the sugar and fermented beer in the bottles, and after capping, I turn the bottles bottom side up and gently shake at intervals of 20 seconds, 15 seconds and 10 seconds to desolve all of the sugar. This has been my best method of desolving the sugar. Out of 364 batches, times 8 bottles each equals 2,912 bottles, I haven't had any problems yet.
  11. I'm now drinking my first barch of 2013 Spring Seasonal with spice, my second batch is without the spice, which I plan to be drinking the last week this month. I like my regular beers the best, the Seasonal beers are not for me.
  12. I fermented it 3 weeks, and carbonated it 4, normally I keep my beer in the fridge 2 weeks before drinking it. I tried one out today, it is good, but not my favorite.
  13. My first batch of Spring Seasonal went in the fridge Friday, in about two weeks I will be sampling it, I will know then what it is like.
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