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  1. I never liked beer until a friend gave me a home-brew. I still don't like commercial beers but love what I brew.
  2. Thanks for the warning on IPAs. I don't like very bitter beers so haven't made any.
  3. There are a lot of bread recipes which use beer (instead of water/other liquid). After using a few of them I decided to just substitute beer for water in ANY recipe. The trub contains vitamins & doesn't seem to adversely affect the way the bread tastes.
  4. I save the trub from every batch I brew & use it when making bread.
  5. I went to BBB after Christmas. They were all out of refills, but had one kit left. The box had been opened & there was powder all over the keg (either the One Step or the Booster had been torn open). So I didn't buy the kit. I would blame the store, not Mr. Beer, for the damage.
  6. I save the last bit in the keg (with the sediment) & use it to bake bread.
  7. I've made JAOM several times using Baker's Yeast. I also made fruit wines using this recipe: http://homesteadinghousewife.blogspot.com/2007/11/homemade-wine-101-hiccup.html She says not to put in any yeast at all, but I add a pinch of baker's yeast "just to get it started." I've had good results (pear, strawberry & plum, so far). My only caveat is that both JAOM and my fruit wines come out rather sweet. I read somewhere that Baker's yeast doesn't ferment to as high an alcohol content as wine or beer yeast, which means it doesn't eat as much of the sugar. That's the only problem I can see. I would like my mead & wine a bit drier.
  8. I found that after a really long time (6 months or more) the beer goes flat.
  9. Bread yeast, of course, as the recipe specifies. Actually, I recently started a batch in my Mr. Beer keg, doubling the recipe, & forgot I needed 2 oranges, only had one, but I had a grapefruit so used one of each. I tasted it (it's only been there a week) & so far I think the tartness of the grapefruit is cutting the sweetness.
  10. Will "overpitching" the yeast cause it to dry out? My only complaint about JAOM is that it's too sweet.
  11. I've made 3 batches of JAOM; currently have my 4th in the Mr. Beer fermentor. I just double the recipe. It's a bit on the sweet side, but quite good.
  12. Actually, I've put in a drop of bread yeast just to get things started. You leave the brew open to the air (no air lock, etc.) & wild yeast is what is used. I've had pretty good luck in the 3 batches I made, although 2 of them were rather sweet.
  13. This is a decent "prison"-type recipe: http://homesteadinghousewife.blogspot.com/2007/11/homemade-wine-101-hiccup.html And if your purpose is using bread yeast rather than wine/beer yeast, you can't go wrong with Joe's Ancient Orange Mead, easily found in the gotmead.com website.
  14. Some time ago (months, year or so?) there was a thread about female brewers. There were a lot of us.
  15. I'm fine, thanks for asking. Still brew (including mead & wine) but not much time for the forum anymore.
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